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Once you're comfortable with your core practice, you can begin to practicc it creatively Find ways to get inside the practice, to work with different attitudes and approaches that help it stay fresh for you. One of the most powerful ways to shift the tone of your practice is to experiment with different spiritual attitudes. For instance, you could infuse your breath practice with the awareness "I am being breathed by the universe," or breathe in and out with the thought "Let go" or "I am loved." You could practice mantra with attention to the energy that the mantra's vibration creates in your body, and notice how your experience deepens when you feci the mantra energetically rather than just as a thought.

As you go deeper into your core practice, you'll start to notice that in each session there arc encrgctic shifts. You might sense your energy softening, or you might feel yourself sinking, as ifyou were falling asleep or into a state deeper than sleep. You might feel sensations in the crown or

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