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Spiritual Cause And Effect

The urge of the desires, aspirations, and habits of the past life, is strongly pressing the soul towards incarnation in conditions best fitted for the expression and manifestation of these likes, tastes and desires - the soul wishes to go on along the line of its past life, and naturally seeks circumstances and surroundings best fitted for the freest expression of its personality. But, at the same time, the Spirit, within the soul, knows that the soul's unfoldment needs certain other conditions to bring out certain parts of its nature which have been suppressed or not developed, and so it exerts an attraction upon-

Spiritual Evolution

Those who are reading this lesson are attracted toward the subject by reason of interest awakened in some past life, and they really feel that there must be some truth in it, although they may not as yet have arrived at a point where they can fully assimilate it.

Scriptural references

There is also a well known and often quoted allegory in the Bhagavata Purana, which is well worth giving here because of its beauty Lord Krishna left his place at midnight and went into the jungle. It was a full moon night in the first month of winter. He began to play his flute. The echo of the flute permeated the calm and undisturbed atmosphere. The music was heard by the gopis (cowherd girls). They immediately left their houses and their husbands and forgot all their duties and past life. They ran straight to the place where the nada of the flute was being played. They started to dance around the flute player. After some time each of the gopis discovered that she was dancing with Krishna.

Toobstruct thoughts which are inimical to Yoga contrary thoughts will be brought

39.When he is fixed in non-receiving he gets the memory of past life. sorts of coverings of evil. If he does not receive the mind becomes pure, and the first thing it gets is memory of past life. Then alone the Yogi becomes perfectly fixed in his ideal, because he sees that he has been coming and going so many times, and he becomes determined that this time he will be free, that he will no more come and go, and be the slave of Nature.

The Core of the Buddhas Teachings

Dukkha, Atman, Reincarnation, Karma these formed the conceptual framework in the Buddha's world, the framework within which he formulated his doctrine. The second concept omitted in the Four Noble Truths is reincarnation. Unlike his rejection of the Atman concept, however, the Buddha continued to accept the idea of reincarnation. Clearly, however, the Four Noble Truths, with their singular focus on suffering, do not require a belief in reincarnation. The Buddha's teachings are as relevant in cultures like our own, where reincarnation is not widely accepted, as in cultures where it is.

The Twelfth Lesson Spiritual Evolution

The beautiful doctrine of Spiritual Evolution, that gem in the diadem of the Yogi Philosophy is sadly misunderstood and misinterpreted, even by many who are its friends. The mass of uninformed people confuse it with the crudest ideas of the ignorant races of Asia and Africa - believe that it teaches that the souls of men descend into the bodies of the lower animals after death. And under the guise of high teachings regarding Reincarnation, many promulgate theories holding that the soul of man is bound to the wheel of human rebirth, and must live in body after body -whether it will or not - until certain great cycles are past, when the race moves on to another planet. All of these misconceptions, however, are based upon the real truth - they are the truth, but not the whole truth. It is true that the soul of a brutal, selfish, bestial man, after death, will be drawn by the force of its own desires toward rebirth in the body of some of the lower and more beast-like races of man - it has...

Subconscious Influences

In this series of lessons we have endeavored to give you a plain, practical presentation of some of the more important features of Raja Yoga. But this phase of the subject, as important and interesting as it is, is not the highest phase of the great Yoga teachings. It is merely the preparation of the soil of the mind for what comes afterward. The phase called Gnani Yoga --the Yoga of Wisdom--is the highest of all the various phases of Yoga, although each of the lower steps is important in itself. We find ourselves approaching the phase of our work for which we have long wished. Those who have advised and directed this work have counseled us to deal with the less advanced and simpler phases, in order to prepare the minds of those who might be interested, so that they would be ready for the higher teachings. At times we have felt an impatience for the coming of the day when we would be able to teach the highest that has come to us. And now the time seems to have come. Following this...

Beyond The Border

And generally spend but little time between two incarnations. Of course, when they are reborn they are attracted to, and attracted by, parents of the same tendencies, so that the surroundings in their new earth-life will correspond very closely to those of their old one. These crude and undeveloped souls, as well as the souls of the savage races, progress but slowly, making but a trifling advance in each life, and having to undergo repeated and frequent incarnations in order to make even a little progress. Their desires are strong for the material, and they are attracted to and by it - the Spirit's influences exerting but a comparatively slight attraction upon them. But even these make some progress - all are moving forward if even but a little. The souls on each of the succeeding higher planes, of course, make more rapid progress each earth-life, and have fewer incarnations, and a much longer time between them. Their inclinations and tastes being of a higher order, they prefer to...

Path Of Attainment

(1) Those who have made considerable progress along the same lines, in past incarnations, and who have awakened to consciousness in the present life with the strongest tendencies toward occultism and similar subjects. These people learn rapidly and are conscious of the fact that they are but relearning some lesson learned in the past. They grasp occult truths intuitively and find in such studies food for the hunger of the soul. These souls are, of course, in various stages of development. Some have but an elementary acquaintance with the subject, their knowledge in the past incarnation having been but slight others have progressed further, and are able to go much further in their present work than those who are less developed still others are quite highly developed, and lack but little of having reached the conscious stage of incarnation, that is, the state of being able to awaken to a conscious knowledge of past lives. The last mentioned sub-class are apt to be regarded as queer by...

Praise by di hankar ch rya

And She took many incarnations to save the world, Gods, and human beings from demons. In modern times, demons of the past have come with decent and attractive appearances. Man has become a slave of his nature and goes to extremes to accomplish his ambitions, ending in disaster. The Ocean of Love as the Divine Mother is, She has again decended onto this world, on the 21st March, 1923, to save mankind (21 st March is the Spring equinox, when day and night are equal). Perhaps She has taken the birth on this day to correct imbalance even at the cosmic level.

Meditation Rules for Practice

A vehicle of awareness can be almost anything. If you belong to a religious group, then you can use an image or form of God. That is to say, if you are Christian, then you are most likely to succeed in concentrating the mind if you use a picture or image of Christ or any great Christian saint. If you are Buddhist, then choose Buddha. If you are Hindu, then you can choose any of the incarnations or avatars of God, such as Krishna, Rama and so on. You must use your discretion in this respect. Only you can choose a symbol which has deep meaning for you.

Putting Money into the Hands of the Spiritual People

Perhaps you have been a monk or ascetic for many lifetimes. In those lifetimes, your priority had only been God. You rejected relationships, worldly pleasures, politics, and other activities in favor of a reclusive and ascetic life. These strong memories from past lives should be erased. I have dedicated a meditation for this problem that you will find in this book. It is called The Karma-Busting Mantra.

Thought Power and Practical IdealismII

Wash off the baser thoughts with the help of higher thoughts and when the washing is effected, cling to neither of them. The present state of your experience is due to the thinking, feeling and acting of incalculable past lives. It cannot be easily got rid of without prolonged process of thinking of and practice.

Subconscious Character Building

It is not necessary to go into the matter of the consideration of the causes of character in this lesson. We will content ourselves by saying that these causes may be summed up, roughly, as follows (1) Result of experiences in past lives (2) Heredity (3) Environment (4) Suggestion from others and (5) Auto-suggestion. But no matter how one's character has been formed, it may be modified, moulded, changed, and improved by the methods set forth in this lesson, which methods are similar to what is called by Western writers, Auto-suggestion.

Anatman Reconsidered You Are Not Your Mind

When the Buddha rejected the Atman concept, he created two problems for his philosophical system. First, the doctrine of Anatman appears to run counter to the doctrine of reincarnation. The king, Melinda, challenged the Buddhist monk, Nagasena, If there is no Atman, what is reincarnated What leaves one body and goes on to the next In my opinion, it is this difficulty that makes the concept of reincarnation less central, more dispensable, in Buddhism. The second problem concerns the essential self. It was not clear whether the concept of Anatman meant a denial also of the reality of the anterior psychological process that we have called the essential self. Critics occasionally write that Buddhism teaches egolessness, an interpretation of Anatman as denial of the essential self in its psychological aspect.

Change Your Bad Money Karma

Your past life karma stops you from making money. 1 . First, get rid of your past life karma that is disallowing you to make money. When you wake up in the morning, do the karma-busting mantra Thiru Neela Kantam at least for three minutes while still in bed. Mentally chant the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam in the throat, visualizing a blue light. Both the mantra and the light should stay in the throat. Make a prayer to me to empower the mantra for you to remove your bad money karma. Later on when you shower, do the mantra again as outlined. After a shower, take a few flower petals (or even a whole flower) and roll them on your head (around the brain area and forehead), throat, neck, shoulders and chest (heart area). As you do this, pass your bad money karma to the flower petals. Put the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam into each area. Let the negative thoughts about money in your head pass into the flower. Let the bad money karma stored in the throat pass into the flower. Let the financial...

Divine Grace through Nadi Astrology

This chapter may not appeal to everyone, but there are some people forwhom this information will be a God-send. Literally. There are some people who are seeking a deeper explanation about their karma, what they did in a past life that has caused what they are dealing with now. So consider, have you ever wished for answers about why some things in your life look the way they do and what you could do to remedy some of your difficulties If you have been drawn to this book and have been finding it helpful, these enlightened Siddhas may have known you in a past life when you lived in India. If so, at that time they agreed to help you during a crisis in a future lifetime, and they always keep their word. For many people, that future lifetime is actually the one they are in now. The promised help they will receive will come from Nadi astrology. Most importantly for you, I am energetically involved in the remedial process of Nadi astrology which gives a very strong boost to the removal of...

The Noble Truth of Dukkha Part Caught in the Causal Matrix

The third aspect is perhaps the most subtle. There is a causal character throughout Hindu and Buddhist thinking. It is not uncommon to read metaphors like The person in this world of Dukkha is like a leaf blown by the wind. Or is like a cork bobbing in the ocean, pushed this way, now that, by the waves. We have already discussed the concept of Karma, which holds that our current suffering, circum-stances, and actions are the consequences of past lives. This is nicely illustrated in a scene from a Japanese film.1

Take Control of Your Thoughts

Everything that happens in your life depends upon how you spend your thought energy. Everything starts with your thinking process. So you should constantly be absorbed in looking at what you are thinking. Whatever you think becomes a reality in the invisible space-time complex of your soul, and then it manifests after an appropriate lapse of time. Everything is created by your mind. So you have to become very, very responsible in handling your mind, because whatever you think is going to become a reality. Your life is a result of your own thoughts in past lives. You have to become very, very careful about what you think, because what you think is going to manifest as reality.

The Path of Manifestation

Many of us were former (past life times) sadus, yogis, saints, priests and nuns who have mastered the ascent. This lifetime we are trying to figure out how to master the descent. We are living in the material world in order to become masters of it. We have to learn how to support ourselves with our own creativity. We have to learn now to gracefully and meaningfully interact in relationships. We have to learn to honor our humanness.

The form of the supreme

They say that Krishna, Christ, Rama, etc. are avatars (divine incarnations), but actually everything and everyone in the universe is a divine incarnation. You are yourself a divine incarnation, but probably don't know it. The idea and aim is to go beyond the limitations of one's individual self and to know the transcendental nature of one's real self.

The Hindu Context

The final concepts that we need to present here are those of reincarnation and Karma. The view was held that the Atman within us, like the Western concept of soul, is eternal. At the death of the body, it is transferred to another bodily existence. This belief was unquestioningly held. It was as much taken for granted as, for example, our contemporary belief that we're surrounded by an invisible substance called air. We hear about it from our youngest childhood and never think to question it. Similarly, for the ancient Hindus, the belief in reincarnation was pervasive, like the very air, so to speak, they breathed. A concept associated with reincarnation is Karma. Karma is what might be called a causal principle. Your actions and your sufferings are determined by events in your previous lives. A kind of cosmic bookkeeping takes place the better you were in previous lives, the better your actions are in this life and the

The Law Of Karma

Karma is a Sanscrit term for that great Law known to Western thinkers as Spiritual Cause and Effect, or Causation. It relates to the complicated affinities for either good or evil that have been acquired by the soul throughout its many incarnations. These affinities manifest as characteristics enduring from one incarnation to another, being added to here, softened or altered there, but always pressing forward for expression and manifestation. And, so, it follows that what each one of us is in this life depends upon is what we have been and how we have acted in our past lives. If we will but stop to consider for a moment the relative degrees of temptation to us and to others, we may see the operations of past Karma in former lives. Why is it that this thing is no temptation to you, while it is the greatest temptation to another. Why is it that certain things do not seem to have any attraction for him, and yet they attract you so much that you have to use all of your will power to...

Do I Need a Teacher

Of course, it is wonderful to be in the physical presence of a teacher, but many great souls are now willing to do the work without this luxury so that we can shift the morphogenetic field of the planet to the vibration of love. They (we) have had teachers and been teachers in past lives. What is required now is that we wake up and stay awake to God-consciousness.

The Astral World

You that the particular plane is determined by the spiritual progress and attainment made by the soul in its past lives (for it has had many earthly visits or lives), and that it is practically impossible for a soul to go beyond the plane to which it belongs, although those on the upper planes may freely revisit the lower planes, this being the rule of the Astral World - not an arbitrary law, but a law of nature. If the student will pardon the commonplace comparison, he may get an understanding of it, by imagining a large screen, or series of screens, such as used for sorting coal into sizes. The large coal is caught by the first screen, the next size by the second, and so on until the tiny coal is reached. Now the large coal cannot get into the receptacle of the smaller sizes, but the small sizes may easily pass through the screen and join the large sizes, if force be imparted to them. Just so in the Astral World, the soul with the greatest amount of materiality, and coarser nature,...


All actions, enjoyments and experiences leave their impressions in the subconscious mind in the form of subtle impressions or residual potencies. The Samskaras are the roots of causing again Jati, life and experiences of pleasure and pain. Revival of Samskaras induces memory. The Yogi dives deep inside and comes in direct contact with these Samskaras. He directly perceives them through the inner Yogic Vision. By Samyama (concentration, meditation and Samadhi) on these Samskaras, he acquires knowledge of previous lives. By doing Samyama on the Samskaras of others, the Yogi gets the knowledge of their past lives also.

Dharmachakra Mudra

In Hindu mythology, the wheel embodies completion or the wheel of life that guides us through a diversity of experiences. But there are two wheels here, and this indicates the teaching of reincarnation. The left middle finger (Saturn) represents the transition from this world into the next from death and birth.


Vishnu is said to appear in incarnation whenever mankind is in spiritual and material need. So far, nine incarnations (avataras) have come, including Rama and Krishna. The tenth and last, it is believed, will come in the future. He is Kalki, and it is believed he will bring the present Kali age to an end and bring the new golden age. The wife of Vishnu is Lakshmi, who represents prosperity in all spheres. This group includes vast numbers of people in India today, though very few would admit to following the path of tantra. In fact, they would probably be offended if you made such a suggestion, for much abuse has been heaped on tantra through misunderstanding. This sect of tantra has been absorbed into the main stream of Hinduism, of which it is probably the most popular and most widely practised path. It is mainly a path of devotion (bhakti) and thousands of beautiful stirring songs have been composed and are sung as an expression of this devotion.

About Sri Siva

Spiritually, he has been tasked with sharing in the West the mysteries of several ancient esoteric sciences including Nadi astrology and homas (fire rituals). The Tamil Siddha tradition, through Nadi astrology, has identified Sri Siva as a reincarnation of four great saints from ancient India


And this Evolution of Souls becomes possible only by the process of Metempsychosis (pronounced me-temp-si-ko-sis) which is more commonly known as Reincarnation, or Re-embodiment. It becomes necessary at this point to call your attention to the general subject of Metempsychosis, for the reason that the public mind is most confused regarding this important subject. It has the most vague ideas regarding the true teachings, and has somehow acquired the impression that the teachings are that human souls are re-born into the bodies of dogs, and other animals. The wildest ideas on this subject are held by some people. And, not only is this so, but even a number of those who hold to the doctrine of Reincarnation, in some of its forms, hold that their individual souls were once the individual souls of animals, from which state they have evolved to the present condition. This last is a perversion of the highest Yogi Teachings, and we trust to make same plain in these lessons. But, first we must...

Karma and Destiny

You have created misery through the power of your past actions and thoughts, which is your karma. Karma is the spiritual law of cause and effect. Through good acts you create good karma, and through bad acts you create bad karma. For instance, if you have done good actions in your past lives, this lifetime will bring a life of luxury, good health and happiness. Conversely, bad actions from past lives will create problems, suffering and poverty in this lifetime.

Yoga and Buddhism

I suggested in chapter 4 that the Buddha was influenced by the philosophical Hinduism that was prevalent in his day. Some of the key concepts in that philosophy were Atman, Dukkha, Karma, and reincarnation. There was also the belief that one's task in life is to purify oneself. In Buddhism, this task became the Third Noble Truth, that we are to transform ourselves, to diminish our cravings. This philosophical Hinduism gave rise to Yoga, a system of thought centered around the same key concepts. Yoga also took as central the task of transforming oneself. Buddhism and Yoga, thus, are like cousins.

Cosmic Evolution

We have now reached a most interesting point in this course of lessons, and a period of fascinating study lies before us from now until the close of the course. We have acquainted ourselves with the fundamental principles, and will now proceed to witness these principles in active operation. We have studied the Yogi Teachings concerning the Truth underlying all things, and shall now pass on to a consideration of the process of Cosmic Evolution the Cyclic Laws the Law of Spiritual Evolution, or Reincarnation the Law of Spiritual Cause and Effect, or Karma etc. In this lesson we begin the story of the upward progress of the Universe, and its forms, shapes, and forces, from the point of the moment's pause following the ceasing of the process of Involution--the point at which Cosmic Evolution begins. Our progress is now steadily upward, so far as the evolution of Individual Centres is concerned. We shall see the principles returning to the Principle--the centres returning to the great...

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

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