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TRANSFORMING DISABILITY: A MIND-BODY APPROACH, with Matthew Sanford. Mind Body Solutions; mindbodvsolutions.org Thirty years ago, a car accident left Matthew Sanford paralyzed from the chest down. Through Iyengar Yoga, he forged a new relationship with his body and went on to become a yoga teacher specializing in adaptive yoga for disabled students. This package includes a DVD, a CD full of mind-body exercises, and a booklet of helpful practice hints for disabled students and their teachers or caregivers. Sanford leads seated and reclining practices that build inner awareness, ground the body, open the chest, and integrate the feet with the pelvis and spine.

Sanford aims to expand your sense of the body to create physical and psychological spaciousness. This is a useful and inspirational program for both disabled and able-bodied practitioners alike. richard rosen

GH3 YOGAWORKS FOR EVERYBODY: FIT ABS, with Jesse Schein, Billy and Patti Asad. Llonsqate; lionsgate.com Three Southern California Yoga Works teachers came together to create a DVD to help students develop core strength. They produced a io-minutc workout (including "yoga bicycle" and "yoga crunches") and a 45-minute vinyasa flow (including two versions of Sun Salutation, Navasana {Boat Pose], Dha-nurasana [Bow Pose], a pair of sitting forward bends, and a series of reclining cool-down poses ending in Sava-sana [Corpse Pose]). The teachers, who are encouraging and inviting, have studied both the Iyengar and the Ashtanga styles and have a good understanding of what's needed for a safe and sane beginners' introduction to the core. R. R.

liMl ASHTANGA YOGA: THE INTERMEDIATE SERIES, by Gregor Maehle with Dr. Monica Gauci. New World Library; newworldlibrary.com Gregor Maehle, an advanced practitioner and the founder of 8 Limbs Ashtanga Yoga studio in Perth, Australia, offers a comprehensive guide to Ashtanga Yoga's intermediate series that covers everything from anatomical and practical issues to the spiritual and mythological roots of each posture. Maehle stresses the importance of practicing "the original, integrative yoga" by learning scripture and understanding Sanskrit. Arguing that most modern scholars "barely dip their toes into the ocean of yoga," Maehle dives into ancient yogic texts, quoting the Upanishads, Samkhya Karika, Bhagavad Gita, and Brahma Sutra. The result is a fascinating exploration of Ashtanga Yoga practice and its goal of spiritual realization. CAROL KRUC0FF

G333 YOGA FOR PAIN RELIEF: SIMPLE PRACTICES TO CALM YOUR MIND & HEAL YOUR CHRONIC PAIN, by Kelly McGonlgal, PhD. New Harbinger Publications; newharbinger.com Modern medical science and ancient yogic teachings both recognize that pain is a mind-body proccss shaped not only by injury and illness, but also by thoughts, emotions, and stress. In this elegant and practical guide, Stanford University psychology lecturer and yoga teacher Kelly McGonigal does a masterful job of weaving cutting-edge scientific knowledge with traditional yogic wisdom to present clear, compassionate instruction on how to relieve suffering from chronic pain. McGonigal, editor of the International Journal of Toga Therapy and author of "Shine on Me," this issue's feature story about Sun Salutations (seepage 76), offers a variety of accessible breathing, movement, meditation, and

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