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2010 Yoga Therapy Intensive with Gary Kraftsow, Bo Forbes, Judith Hanson Lasater, and others

Yoga Fusion with Claire Este-McDonald, Alicia Orr, Mahan Kirn Kaur Khalsa, and others

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Downtown Coral Brown Shakified, Life Loving Yogini Yoga Journal Presenter - Boston 2010

Photography by Jenay Martin

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when you do this pose, you will need to lay down breadcrumbs, so to speak, to comfort your nervous system and keep it from overreacting or even going into fight-or-flight mode. One ofyour tethers in ParivrttaikapadaSirsasana is your connection to the earth. You develop this by bringing your attention to the point of contact between the crown of your head and the ground. Your sccond tether is the back leg. Even when you are upside down, much of your orientation comes from knowing where your feet and legs are in space. In this Headstand variation, feeling and knowing where the back leg is positioned is crucial to balancing and centering. It will act as your rooting reference, just as it does in all standing poses. Step by step, you will root into the earth as you spiral upward into the sky.

The sequence here illuminates the positions, actions, and patterns that compose the rhythm and coordination of Parivrttaikapada Sirsasana. Digest each of these poses and its cffcct on your body. While in each posture, direct the effort of your arms, legs, and head into the central energetic channel, which is approximately loeated in front of your tailbonc, up through the front of your spine, and to the crown of your head. As you focus, continuously find a rooting into the earth.

Lessons in Raja Yoga

Lessons in Raja Yoga

An easy to understand book on the principles and practices of Raja-Yoga alike. It teaches the eight steps

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