Heal Glaucoma By Kundalini Awakening

In this first variation (see figure 1), the feet press onto a wall, which takes some weight off the shoulders and gives the upper arms and shoulders a moment to rotate outward and the chest to open.

Begin by placing your mat against a wall. Stack four blankets on top of the mat and make sure that the folded edges will be underneath your shoulders. Fold half of your mat over the blankets and bring your setup a few inches from the wall. You want to position yourself at the right distance away from the wall so that your thighs arc perpendicular to the floor and your shins are parallel to the floor.

Lie on your back with the tops of your shoulders a couple of inches in from the edge of the blankets, closer to the wall. Let your head rest on the floor behind the blankets so that it's lower than your shoulders. Bend your knees 90 degrees and place your feet on the wall, shins parallel to the floor. If your entire back can't rest on the blankets and your torso curls into a ball, you're too close to the wall.

Press your heels lightly into the wall— and isometrically drag them down toward the floor— to lift your pelvis up. Clasp your hands under your body and straighten your arms. Rotate your upper arms out to roll the outer edges of your shoulders down. Lift the inner edges of your shoulders, trapezius muscles, and shoulder blades away from the blankets and toward pose benefits

Calms nerves

Reduces anxiety, insomnia, and irritability

Aids digestive disorders contraindications

Menstruation High blood pressure Glaucoma Detached retina Pregnancy your low back. If your shoulders feel stuck, lean to the right to rotate the left arm and shoulder out more, and then lean to the left to rotate the right upper arm and shoulder out.

Once you feel as though you're high on your shoulders' tops, lift the sides of your chest and pelvis up toward the ceiling. Lift your buttocks away from your lower back until your torso is perpendicular to the floor. To open your chest, move your back ribs forward. Some weight will be on your head, and you might feel as though you want to push the back of your head into the floor. Instead, allow the back of your neck to lengthen as you lift your spine up away from the floor. Relax your jaw and throat and look toward your chest.

Release the clasp of your hands and turn your upper arms out. Don't let your elbows splay apart as you bend them, and take your hands toward your upper back. While bending your elbows, you'll have to work to roll your outer shoulders down and turn your arms out. To do that, think of rotating your biceps from the inside out toward your triceps and rolling your triceps down into the blanket and closer to each other. Place your hands as high on your back (close to the floor) as possible to support the lift of your upper back off of the floor. Use your hands to help guide your back ribs forward and support the opening and lifting of your chest. Don't let your buttocks and tailbone sink back toward the wall; lift your pelvis so it's in line with your shoulders. Lift your heels and press your toes into the wall to bring your pelvis farther away from the wall.

Breathe normally and hold this position forup to a minute. On an exhalation, gently release your hands and lower yourself down to rest on the blankets. Then slide away from the wall until your shoulders come off of the blankets to rest on the floor. Keep your knees bent and stay on your back for a few moments.

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