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First published in India by HarperCollins Publishers India 1997

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Sämkya-yoga-Sikhämani; Veda-kesari; Vedântavâgîsa; Nyäyächärya; Mïmâmsa-ratna; Mïmâmsa-thïrtha

Professor, Srimän, T. Krishnamächärya of Mysore (South India), India


'I bow before the noblest of sages, Patanjali, who brought serenity of mind by his work on yoga, clarity of speech by his work on grammar and purity of body by his work on medicine.'

'I salute Adisvara (the Primeval Lord Siva) who taught first the science of Hatha Yoga - a science that stands out as a ladder for those who wish to scale the heights of Raja Yoga.'

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