J Parsva Halasana


In Halasana (Plate 114) both the legs rest behind the head. In this pose they rest sideways on one side of and in line with the head. This is the lateral plough pose.

palms and stretch the legs. (Plate 116)

5. Remain in this position for half a minute with normal breathing.

6. Exhale, move the legs to the right until they are in line with the head and hold the pose for half a minute. Do not disturb the position of the chest and trunk when the legs are moved. The chest and trunk should remain as in Sarvangasana or Halasana.



1. Do Supta Konasana (Plate 115) and come back to Halasana.

2. Place the palms on the back of the ribs.

3. Move both the legs as far as you can to the left.

4. Tighten both knees, raise the trunk up with the help of the


In this asana, the spine moves laterally and becomes more elastic. The colon, which is inverted during the movements, is exercised properly and elimination will be complete. People suffering from acute or chronic constipation which is the mother of several diseases derive great benefit from this âsana. If rubbish is dumped outside our house we feel sick. How much more so when waste matter which creates toxins is allowed to accumulate in our own system? If this waste matter is not eliminated, diseases will enter the body like thieves and rob us of health. If the bowels do not move freely, the mind becomes dull and one feels heavy and irritable. This âsana helps us keep the bowels free and thereby win the prize of health.

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