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So how will Rika's JuicePicker help you: No more web searches! Quickly pick the right juice recipe. Pick recipes according to your favorite ingredients (nutritionally color coded) Pick recipes according to your family's nutritional needs (use color coding) Pick recipes according to available ingredients (easily confirm nutritional colors) Complete instructions for quick preparation with each recipe. Favorite function lets you quickly find your favorite recipes next time round. Easy recipe printing for future reference. Without any prior nutritional knowledge, you can ensure your family gets the main color groups daily. Lots of useful juicing and nutritional tips. Here are just some of the more than 100 recipes you can access with Rika's JuicePicker: Super-Easy Apple Juice, Berry Good-For-You Juice, Super-Easy Watermelon Juice, Super-Easy Start-With-Greens Juice, Full Of Beans Juice, Beauty Treatment Juice, Calm With Greens Juice, Cucumber Slim-Down Juice, Craving Buster Juice, Pineapple Zzzing Juice, Healthier-Hair Tonic Juice, Easy Energy Boosting Juice, Morning Pick-Me-Up Juice, Superhero Soda Juice, Digestive Detox Juice, Glowing Skin Cocktail Juice, Turn-Back-The-Clock Tonic Juice, Lagging Spirit Lift Juice, Yum-Berry Juice, Parsnip Immune Kick Juice, Rika's All-Color Combo Juice, Love-My-Body Juice, Body-Armour Juice, Spicy-But-Nicy Juice, Wheatgrass A-La-Fruit Juice, Sugar-Habit-Go Juice, Body Cleanse Juice. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

When compared to other ebooks and paper publications I have read, I consider this to be the bible for this topic. Get this and you will never regret the decision.

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Amazing new juicing software instantly cranks out healthy juice recipes from the ingredients you already have in your kitchen so you can increase energy, add anticancer fighting agents and antioxidants to your diet, and aid in losing weight. The exclusive Juice Suggester software makes it easy for you to access 110+ different healthy, nutrition packed, fruit and vegetable recipes to help you gain more energy, add anticancer fighting agents and helps lose weight.

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Power Juicing

Power Juicing penned by Mike Griffin is the latest book that reveals to people the truth about juicing for weight loss. After Mike Griffin launched this book, a lot of customers have used it for discovering how to make delicious and healthy juice recipes.

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Jay Kordich School Of Juicing

A 4-week modular program where Jay and his wife Linda provide everything you'll ever need to know about juicing, the science of juicing, and ow to stay motivated. Up-Close videos with Jay and Linda, on how to make the most incredible and turn-back-the-clock juices to increase longevity and combat disease. REcipe Guides, featuring Jay's legendary famous as well as new amazing mouth-watering raw fruit and vegetable Juice REcipes. Each moth, you'll receive a brand-new Audiobook filled with tips, tricks and Jay's biggest secrets on staying the path of your new extraorinary lifestyle. Find Out How The Power Of Juicing Can Transform Your Life, Taught By The Father Of Juicing Jay Kordich Himself!

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Using antioxidants as antiaging agents

Juicing your way to better nutrition While surfing television channels in the past, you may have seen an infomercial by Jack La Lanne that touts the benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables to get optimal nutrition from your foods. La Lanne, a pioneer in the field of health and fitness who's now in his 90s, claims that the secret to his longevity is exercise and drinking plenty of fruit and vegetable juice. La Lanne is a dynamic and inspiring example of how important a healthy diet in combination with a well-balanced exercise program really is to longevity and vitality. Juicing is a great way to include plenty of antioxidants and an array of nutrients in your diet. And it's easy. All you need is high-quality produce and a good juicer. You can buy recipe books for juicing, and your juicer may come with a recipe book to help you get started. t Wash all produce before juicing. t Make only enough juice for one day, and try to drink it immediately after juicing. Refrigerate juice...

Developing Good Eating Habits

You don't need to be embarrassed about feeling hungry when you eat a diet of fresh and whole foods. You can always have something from the whole-foods categories (see Following Guidelines for Healthy Eating earlier in this chapter). To keep hunger at bay, snack on fruits and vegetables, small amounts of protein, or whole grains and small amounts of cereal or oatmeal. Taking in enough fluid daily is also helpful so that you don't overeat. You may be thirsty, but your thirst shows up as hunger, so have a glass of water when in doubt and then have something light and healthy if you're still hungry. You should also consider drinking warm tea or vegetable and fruit juice.

Well known yoga and purification practices

Other related methods to fasting and cleansing the colon, include the drinking of fresh fruit juices that assist in the cleansing of the organs, centers and systems in the body field. Also certain herbs will trigger various organs to discharge their toxic waste, and fresh raw vegetable juices, such as carrot juice and others that provide the organic minerals that are drawn directly to the various centers that accumulate the minerals, build a charge and in the process discharge the accumulated toxic waste. A number of books such as those by Dr. NW Walker, discuss these possibilities.

Liquid Life

Juicing became popular in the early '90s, and it has enjoyed an enthusiastic resurgence inspired by the raw-food movement in recent years, with a proliferation of neighborhood juice bars, a wide variety of passionately reviewed juicer models, and more than a dozen books published in the past two years dedicated to fresh juice. Fresh juice is a staple for raw-food advocates like Terces Fngelhart, co-owner of the S an Franc i S co B ay Arc a's living-foods restaurants Caf Gratitude. Besides juicing daily, Fngelhart does a juice fast once a month in which she dritiks, atnong other Michelle Thatcher, a naturopathic physician in Tucson, Arizona, puts it another way Juicing is a great way to get a eon ccntratcd daily source of vitamins and minerals, she says. And raw vegetables contain naturally occurring enzymes, which help your body break food down into more manageable, absorbable parts. Even so, juice shouldn't be thought of as a replacement for whole foods, warns Thatcher. Juicing is a...

Totally Juiced

I bought my juicer looking for culinary thrills and a few extra vitamins, and I got them. But to my surprise, juicing also inspired some significant changes in my lifestyle. Once I started juicing, I recommitted to buying everything organic, since juicing concentrates any pesticide residue. I cat a lot more whole fruits and vegetables now, simply because I have them on hand. Ingredients I once overlooked catch my eye at the market, so my diet varies like never before. I've even reversed my aversion to certain foods never a bell pepper fan, I'll happily drink tomato-bell pepper juice with lime. But the most obvious change might be in my morning routine. For nearly 20 years I started every day by guzzling a French-press pot of coffee. But when I juice first, All told, thanks to juicing, I've slipped into something a little healthier. I don't think I'm ready to ditch my coffee press altogether, but 1 am willing to give wheat-grass another shot perhaps mixed with grapefruit and mint this...


The two preceding recipes reprinted with permission from The Everything Juicing Book, by Carole Jacobs, Chef Patrice Johnson, and Nicole Cormier (Adams Media, 201 o). Scrub root vegetables such as carrots and beets with a vegetable brush to remove soil. Most fruits and vegetables don't need to be peeled before juicing, with the exception of bananas, citrus fruits, and fruits with hard peels, like cantaloupe. Most seeds can go through the juicer remove apple cores and hard pits. Even if your juicer can accommodate whole fruits and veggies, cutting them into smaller pieces before juicing them will yield more juice. Juice one serving at a time and drink Immediately nutrients and flavor are at their peak just after juicing.

Going Green

After my experiences on the fructose roller coaster, I decided to take Thatcher's advice. I was a little hesitant. I loved commercial green juices, but I suspected that had more to do with the kiwi than the kale. And I had never been a particularly adventurous juice-bar patron my one attempt at shooting ginger juice was about as pleasant as swigging grain alcohol, and after my first sorority sip of wheatgrass, I was looking for a plant to pour it into. So I started cautiously, feeding my juicer spinach, kale, and chard, adding smaller portions of whatever sweeter produce I had on hand. With each success, I was inspired to move on to ever more adventurous ingredients asparagus, fennel, carrot tops. I learned which combos worked, like beet greens-lime juice-watermelon, and which didn't, like celery-broccoli daikon, a foamy, khaki green concoction that tasted OK but smelled funny and made me burp for hours. Over the weeks, I grew accustomed to the pungent essence of green juice, happy in...

Sugar Rush

Another important function of fiber, relative to juicing, is to slow down the body's absorption of sugar, as I was to learn the hard way The day my juiccr arrived, I hauled 30 pounds of produce home from the market, enough for a week's worth of fresh juice. My first creation, a simple orange-apple juice, was beautiful, frothy, and positively bursting with flavor. Over the course of the next few-days, I made raspberry lemonade, swcct-potato-carrot juicc, and a luscious cantaloupe-mint-mango blend. To my delight, every juice I made was delicious. But in my early days of juicing, I spent more than one afternoon wired, lightheaded, hungry and exhausted, in approximately that order. Juicing is great, says Thatchcr, but with fruit or vegetables with a high carbohydrate content like carrots or beets it's an inordinate amount of sugar to consume at one time, so you have to be judicious. When you drink

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