Adductor Group

Tightness of the adductor group causes the knees to be higher in seated postures, such as baddhakonasana and siddhasana. Higher knees means a higher center of gravity. Holding a seated posture where the center of gravity is higher requires more muscular effort. Lowering the knees makes these postures easier to maintain. Releasing tightness in the adductor group assists in this process.

Facilitated stretching of the adductor group is illustrated here. Begin by placing the legs into baddhakonasana and then attempt to adductthem while resisting them with the elbows. Contract the adductors isometrically for a few moments and then draw them out to length by lowering the knees.

Adductor Group Muscles

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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