Iliopsoas ileoSOus

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Iliopsoas Function

Open chain

(Origin fixed, insertion moving):

Flexes and laterally rotates the femur at the hip. Ex. Padangusthasana D

Closed Chain

Closed chain

(Insertion fixed, origin moving):

Flexes the trunk, anteverts (tilts forward) the pelvis, straightens and supports the lumbar spine. Ex. Virabhadrasana B


Psoas Crooked Pelvis

Open chain isometric resistance to femur flexing.

Closed chain isometric resistance to trunk flexing.

Iliopsoas Muscle

Eccentric contraction in lunging poses.

jf V

Conscious contraction in standing poses.

Iliopsoas Yoga


Utthit.i trikonasana optimally contracts the psoas major portion of the iliopsoas muscle, i ontraction in this posture inteverts the pelvis. I his action draws the ,imst rings' origin (ischial t uberosity) away from their insertion (lowerleg), and accentuates their stretch.

Twisted variations of utthita trikonasana preferentially contract the iliacus portion of the iliopsoas and complete its awakening.


Ushtrasana stretches the iliopsoas through contraction of the hip and trunk extensors, including the gluteus maximus. Stretch is accentuated by contraction of the quadriceps (including the rectus femoris, which is eccentrically contracted).

Surabhi Mudra


Gluteus Maximus

Gluteus Maximus ActionWhere The Gluteus Maximus Located

The gluteus maximus stands out as the largest and most posterior of four muscles located on the outside of the pelvis. The gluteus maximus is a single muscle divided into two insertions: one on the outside of the proximal femur bone and one on a strap-like structure on the outside of the thigh called the iliotibial band. Contracting the gluteus maximus extends and outwardly rotates the femur. Fibers attached to the iliotibial band tenseitand assistin moving the knee. The gluteus maximus functions as a mono- and polyarticular muscle. Tightness of the gluteus maximus limits forward bending at the hips, such as in utthanasana.

Like the iliopsoas, the gluteus maximus works unconsciously during standing and walking. Many important yoga postures awaken the gluteus maximus including standing poses, backbends and forward bends. Tightness limits forward bends and weakness limits back bends.

Iliopsoas Canine

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