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Ray Long MD FRCSCis a board certified orthopedic surgeon and the founder of Bandha Yoga. Ray graduated from The University of Michigan Medical School with post-graduate training at Cornell University, McGill University, The University of Montreal and Florida Orthopedic Institute. He has studied hatha yoga for over twenty years, training extensively with B.K.S. Iyengar and other of the world's leading yoga masters.

Chris Macivor

Chris Macivor is a digital illustrator and the visual coordinator of Bandha Yoga. Chris is a graduate of Etobicoke School of The Arts, Sheridan College and Seneca College. His work has spanned many genres from TV and film to videogames and underwater videography.


Introduction 7

Fundamentals 8

Locations on the Body 8 Skeleton 10 Joints 22 Ligaments 26 Muscles and Tendons 35 Movement 44

Part One - The Pelvic Girdle and Thighs 49

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5a:

Iliopsoas 57 Gluteus Maximus 64 Gluteus Medius 69 Tensor Fascia Lata 74 Pectineus 79

Chapter 5b: Adductor Magnus 84

Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8

External Rotators 91 Quadriceps 96 Hamstrings 103

Part Two - he Trunk 113

Chapter 9: Abdominals 118

Chapter 10: Back Muscles 128

Chapter 11: Latissimus Dorsi 135

Chapter 12: Trapezius 139

Chapter 13: Pectoralis Major & Minor 144

Part Three - The Shoulder Girdle and Upper Arms 151

Chapter 14: Rhomboids 157

Chapter 15: Serratus Anterior 162

Chapter 16: Deltoids 167

Chapter 17: Rotator Cuff 174

Chapter 18: Biceps Brachii 185

Chapter 19: Triceps Brachii 190

Chapter 20: Sternocleidomastoid 197

Chapter 21: Lower Leg and Foot 202

Chapter 22: Forearm and Hand 206

Chapter 23: Myofascial and Organ Planes 210 Chapter 24: The Breath Connection 212 Chapter 25: Bandhas 220 Chapter 26: Chakras 222 Putting It All Together 224

Appendix of Asanas 230 Index of Asanas 236 Index of Muscles 238

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