Shoulder and Elbow Ligaments

Elbow (posterior) mm

The collateral ligaments of the elbow limit side to side motion and maintain the joint as a hinge. The interosseous membrane stabilizes the bones of the forearm.

annular ligament (lateral collateral ligament)

interosseous membrane

Medial Glenohumeral Ligament
medial collateral ligament


Unlike the thick ligaments of the hip, the glenohumeral ligaments of the shoulder are thin structures. Their design allows greater mobility of the joint.

The inferior glenohumeral ligamentis the most important of t he three glenohumeral ligaments. This ligament tightens when the humerus abducts and externally rotates.

acromioclavicular ligaments coracoclavicular ligaments coracoacromial ligament

Shoulder Bicipital

transverse bicipital ligament

Glenohumeral Ligament

inferior glenohumeral ligament

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