Synergists Quadratus fermons

Adductor group.

Piriformis & Quadratus Femoris

Yoga Piriformis Bilder

Closed chain of the piriformis contraction tilts the pelvis backward.

The external rotators position the hips in external rotation for padamasana.

The piriformis externally rotates and abducts the hip. The quadratus femoris externally rotates and adducts the hip.


External Rotators Hip


Contracting the external rotators accentuates baddhakonasana.

Yoga For Anatomy


Supta Padangusthasana B: All external rotators of the hip contract in this asana. The piriformis also assists the lateral fibers of the gluteus medius, abducting the femur.


Marichyasana III: Contracting the internal rotators of the hip (tensor fascia lata and anterior fibers of gluteus medius) in this asana stretches the external rotators.


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