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Freedom Self-Publishing

Once you purchase this service you will have access to a full set of Kindle ebook tutorials. These videos will take you from start to finish in the Kindle self-publishing industry; you will have more knowledge than most publishers do when you finish this course! You don't have to worry about all of the detailed steps to Kindle publishing; you will be able to make a lot of money doing it yourself! Why worry, when you could learn everything you need to know in an easy and fun way? Freedom Self-Publishing wants to make sure you get the best publishing experience that you can! You will learn skills such as how to choose your keywords, how to do niche research and choose the perfect topic, and how to get amazing book covers made cheaply. Freedom Self-Publishing gives you all of the tools to make money off your own ebooks, without having a steep learning curve! Read more...

Freedom SelfPublishing Summary

Contents: Video Course
Author: Adrian Ingram
Official Website:
Price: $37.00

Yoga in Motion Salutations to the

Through the twelve poses of the sun salutations, all major muscle groups and all major joints are exercised. These poses also massage and stimulate your major internal organs. These postures are designed to awaken the connection between your agni, or inner fire, and that of the sun. The word agni is the root of the English word ignite. When your agni is burning brightly, you are capable of digesting the energy and information you ingest on a daily basis, be it food, ideas, or emotional experiences. When your inner fire is weak and sputtering, you do not fully metabolize your daily life experiences. The residues of incomplete metabolism are stored in your body mind, leading to fatigue and weakened immunity. When practiced along with following a healthy diet, a good daily routine, and the conscious avoidance of physical and emotional toxicity, the sun salutations are designed to kindle your inner fire so you can radiate the best of who you are.

Bhakti the means to harmonize the mind

Perfect union in the same way that fire acts upon a log of wood in order to transform it into itself. Fire, acting on the wood, first of all begins to dry it by driving out the moisture and causing it to shed water. Then it begins to make it black, dark and unsightly, and even to give off a bad odour . . . and finally, the fire begins to kindle the wood and give it heat. At last, it transforms it into itself and makes it the same nature of the fire.

Bhakti Yoga

Kindle the light of love in your heart. Love all. Include all creatures in the warm embrace of your love. Cultivate Visva Prem or all-embracing, all-inclusive cosmic love. Love is a mysterious divine glue that unites the hearts of all. It is a divine magical healing balm of very high potency. Charge every action with pure love. Kill cunningness, greed, crookedness and selfishness. Immortality can be attained only by performing acts of kindness continuously. Hatred, anger and jealousy are removed by continuous service with loving heart. You will get more strength, more joy, more satisfaction by doing kind acts. Practice of compassion, charitable acts, kind services purify and soften the heart, turn the heart-lotus upwards and prepare the aspirant for the reception of divine light.

Naga Mudra

Mudra Hemorrhoids

It warms, moves, and activates us. This is why visualizations of fire always set something in motion, develop strength, and pleasantly relieve tensions. When we mentally kindle the fire in our pelvic floor, this will not only give us strength, but also light. We can carry this light with us like a torch, and it will show us the way. With your powers vA imagination, kindle a fire in your pelvic floor. While inhaling, let the flames flicker high upward so you encounter the world with a fiery heart. Let the flames continue to rise higher so you have a bright, clear head. Your breaths are deep and powerful at the beginning with time, they become slow, fine, and flowing. Each inhalation causes you to sit straighter, both inwardly and outwardly, as if you were being pulled upward. While exhaling, hold onto your new size but let go of every inner tension. Stay in the stillness for a while. First ask your questions, and then listen inside yourself. Effect...

Posture Practice

Self-published Garth Stevenson's Alpine is an extraordinary example of nada yoga, the yoga of sound. Stevenson, an accomplished double-bass player and a principal figure in the experimental and improvised music scene, has gained a large yogi following for his live soundtracks performed (luring yoga classes in New York City and Boston. On this, his debut solo CD,

E Books Profit Pulling Powerhouse

E Books Profit Pulling Powerhouse

How To Write, Price Market Your E-books For Profit. E-Books are part of the new frontier of cyberspace. They are an entirely new medium for sharing marketing information, ideas, techniques, and expert knowledge. Each day the number of peopleaccessing the Internet grows, causing the exposure of your E-Book to increase incrementally. It's obvious why electronic self-publishing has become so popular so quickly

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