Message from Sri Siva

You are very fortunate to be living at this time in history. We are on the threshold of earth's Golden Age, and everything is going to change for the better.

I want you to attain your optimal financial potential. I want you to get everything you desire. The techniques and tools in this book will help you create and maintain attitudes and behaviors that support and encourage a fully rounded material and spiritual consciousness. To step out of your old life and into a new life, you need Divine energy through the use of spiritual tools.

Divine help is here right now to bring you Divine awareness and create a new destiny. Ritual and practice are more important than theory. They are the keys to the manifestation of the changes you desire in your life.

I have come here to simplify things. I present simple teachings and simple techniques that are easy to practice. This book is not about philosophy. There is an expression "Philosophy never bakes bread," which is to say philosophy is not practical.

To all of you reading this book, I send blessings to empower you to live an outrageously wonderful life filled with abundance and new and expansive opportunities. My goal in this lifetime is to put money and power into the hands of spiritual people.

This book can help you manifest your dreams. The One Minute Meditation taught in this book will create miracles in your life. And there are many other techniques that take one minute or only a few minutes. You should select the techniques and rituals that best meet your needs and your schedule.

Be assured that ALL of the techniques for manifestation in this book are based upon enhancing your spirituality and cultivating your relationship with the Divine. I want to help you change your karma so you can have your heart's desire. Your karma (which is the spiritual law of cause and effect) comes from actions in your previous lifetimes.

It is not necessary to prolong your karma in the name of God. You can step right out of this karma, right now, using the techniques in this book. You can create a whole new life for yourself, a life of joy, abundance and Enlightenment.

You are reading this book because you have been led by God to know these teachings. Approach these teachings with an open mind, and just give the techniques a try.

Now, as never before in history, the floodgates of Heaven have opened to pour the Light of God into the earth plane. God is coming to earth to evolve the human race, and He is revealing His secrets to spiritual seekers.

You have a destiny. And your destiny has drawn you to The One Minute Guide to Prosperity and Enlightenment. This is my first book. It is not from "me." It is from God, and it is God's will that this book was created for you to have this information now.

The techniques in this book are for spiritual seekers of all faiths. I want to make these tools available to everyone, regardless of their faith. My desire is to help anyone who seeks Light and higher consciousness. This book is not about religion. It is about ancient spiritual practices that transcend religion. The true Universal Religion is the religion of love, and Enlightenment brings with it compassionate love for all of humanity.

I have loved everyone invariably. Love is a necessity for me. I have loved people who judged, despised, doubted and hated me. I have known many people who tell me, "We have the notoriety and money. Sri Siva hasn't even made the substantial money and notoriety that we have made."

I am here not to make substantial money and have notoriety. I am here to remove the ignorance of people. Money can't give you "samadhi" (a transcendent state of consciousness) or cure your failing kidney or liver. I am here to put money in the hands of the spiritual people who weep and cry for the hungry billions. If I have to make a choice between a beach home or the heart of a hungry soul, I will choose the latter.

Out Nama Shivaya

Sri Siva

The Health Zen

The Health Zen

There's no magic bullet that will make you slim down without trying. No particular diet that lets you eat a big amount of food and drop pounds quickly. No ab-machine or exercise bike that you see at three fifteen in the morning on an infomercial is truly going to make that much difference to you.

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