7. Straighten up and cross your arms over your chest. Kick out your feet alternately and continue to dance. 2 Minutes.

8. Lock your hands behind your back and continue to kick out your feet and dance. Kick hard! 2 Minutes.

9. Lie down flat on your back. Make fists of your hands and hammer your belly. Don't hit so hard that it hurts. Just hit hard enough to vigorously stimulate the belly area. Move fast! 2 Minutes.

10. Come up into stretch pose, but lift your legs up nine to twelve inches. The arms are straight with the fingers pointing toward the toes. The eyes are looking at the toes. Balance on the hip bone and let the navel vibrate. 1 Minute.

11 .Stand up. Raise your arms, close your eyes, dance, and jump. Shake up the fat in your body. Move vigorously. 2 Minutes.

12. Sit on your heels and lock your hands together in front of your body. Your arms are out in front of your body parallel to the ground with the elbows straight but not locked. Raise your arms up to 90 degrees and lower them back to the starting position as fast as you can.

1 Minute. Continue this movement in the same posture, while slowly and gradually lowering yourself onto your back. Keep moving the arms. 1/2 Minute. Rise up again while still moving the arms. Relax.

13. Come sitting in easy pose with your hands in gyan mudra. Meditate and try not to listen to the music. Concentrate not to listen. After 5 Minutes begin to sing along with the music. 4 Minutes.

Inhale deeply and exhale three times to finish.

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