Abiding in the Non Dual Truth

While the previously mentioned systems involve the balancing and purifying of the various centers in the body, after which a certain electromagnetic (etheric) stillness begins to prevail and carry the field of awareness (or Soul) to deeper and more expansive levels and subtler visions, nevertheless, the Truth is that we are always That which we seek, non-dual and Single.

However much one may practice various yogas, such that the field begins to become satvic in nature, the satvic mind is not the seer, nor can it hear the Truth. Nevertheless, at some point in the several unified Kundalini Yoga practices one may engage in to purify the field, if one is told that the real intention of these practices is solely to isolate the seer, as stated in the Yoga Sutras of Patenjali, and that the sense of identity they have of an "I" to the body, impressions, thoughts and sensations is not real and to enquire into where that "I" arises, suddenly, the door in the Heart (Hrdayam) is triggered and opens and that "I" - abiding in that doorway, Itself "hears" and recollects Its inherent Truth, and in this moment of recognition, time and space and the whole field of identity with the images appearing in the field of consciousness is discarded and one abides in one's True and natural state, as the Singularity of the Heart (Hrdayam). All sense of identity with the field vanishes like a mirage, and the flood of Live Light outshines the field entirely, such that the field is now realized to be the undifferentiated or unified Man.

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