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Sri Siva is a spiritual name given to Dr. Baskaran Pillai. (In past years, he has also been called Brzee, Sri Guruji and Guruji). Sri Siva is associated with an illustrious and esoteric lineage of enlightened Indian saints, the Tamil Siddhas, who have been passing on enlightened teachings for thousands of years, usually in very small circles of selected students.

Sri Siva was horn in southern India and lived on the island of Rameswaram the first 18 years of his life. His spiritual journey started at an early age when he was given the opportunity to study and perform intensive meditation under the guidance of various eminent meditation teachers. He studied in numerous places, including the Himalayas. He received a very thorough initiation into the teachings of the Tamil Siddhas.

Concurrent with his mystic practices, he continued with his education in the university system and became a Research Fellow at the University of Madurai, India. His formal academic training in India resulted in a Master's Degree in English Literature and a Master of Letters in Comparative Literature from the University of Madurai, India. In 1983, he went to America and began graduate level studies concluding in a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh.

He served as coordinator of Indian Studies within the Asian Studies Program at the University of Pittsburgh and taught several courses on Buddhist meditation and other Buddhist topics. His specialty was research on religious phenomena in light of modern science. He has training in neuropsychology, which he used in research to interpret traditional yogic and tantric wisdoms about psychobiology. He also served as an editor for the Encyclopedia of Hinduism.

Sri Siva is the first Tamil Siddha to travel to the West. He has permission to reveal secretive techniques of the Tamil Siddha enlightenment lineage to the world, techniques which have been kept secret since ancient times. Sri Siva has been teaching meditation for two decades and has taught seminars on successful thinking all over the world. He inspired noted author Wayne Dyer to write his best-selling book Manifest Your Destiny, which Wayne Dyer dedicated to him as "Guruji."

Sri Siva has been also actively involved in a study of Siddha Ayurveda herbs for healing purposes for the past two decades. He has sponsored several conferences of scientists in Siddha medicine. He is managing the development of a web site that will make available online numerous herbs from all over the world. He is leading efforts in research on the subject of herbs, and this information will become available in the future on his web site.

Sri Siva has privately consulted many leading industrialists and entrepreneurs in their business development and leadership skills over the years. He is currently heading several real-world business projects and is a very hands-on, practical businessman in the computer field with an office in the Silicon Alley section of Manhattan.

Sri Siva has presented at numerous conferences and shared panels at many universities with Nobel Prize laureates, including Eugene Wigner of Princeton University. He was invited by the United Nations World Religions conference as a speaker on Hinduism.

Sri Siva has also created the Tripura Foundation, a non-profit organization, through which he has done extensive good-will charity work. Sri Siva created the Tripura Foundation with the intention of eliminating hunger from the face of the world. A large portion of the profits from his various ventures goes toward supporting the Hunger Project.

Spiritually, he has been tasked with sharing in the West the mysteries of several ancient esoteric sciences including Nadi astrology and homas (fire rituals). The Tamil Siddha tradition, through Nadi astrology, has identified Sri Siva as a reincarnation of four great saints from ancient India:

> Agastya, the foremost Siddha and author of the Tamil language, as well as countless texts on astrology, alchemy, mantras, sastras, and medicine;

> Bhismacharya, a well-respected teacher of martial arts during the period of the epic Mahabharata;

> Manikavacakar, an illustrious Tamil saint who wrote several masterpieces of devotional lyrics on

Lord Shiva, before dissolving into light; and

> Swami Ramalingam (Vallalar), an enlightened Indian saint in southern India who was graced with a light body and continued teaching until 1874, when he dissolved completely into light.

Agastya was a teacher of Babaji, whose lineage through Lahiri Mahasaya and Sri Yukteswar led to Paramahansa Yogananda. Yogananda was an enlightened teacher who came from India to America to teach in the 20th century and whose book, Autobiography of a Yogi, has been a perennial bestseller. More stories about Agastya and Swami Ramalingam can be found in a more recent book, Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition by M. Govindan (see chapters 7 and 9).

Sri Siva wishes to give people both spiritual blessings and practical tools for self-improvement to accelerate their own material progress and path to spiritual enlightenment. He has widely toured to give public talks in many places throughout the world. Audiences experience a deep stillness as Sri Siva transmits pure Light with an energy that goes beyond words. At the same time, audiences also enjoy his ability to tell captivating stories with an excellent sense of humor.

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