Adrenals and Kidneys

1. Rub palms together Then

Inhale stretch arms to sides // to floor palms back Exhale clap lotus mudra, base of palms, thumbs and pinkies End with inhale to center and hold

2. A. Interlace pinkies together, fists with other fingers, thumbs up at chest level BF from below navel works on adrenals

B. Same with BF through puckered lips, then inhale and concentrate on solar plexus

3. Ez pose

Left hand behind back w/ arm against lowest rib Right arm straight out at 60o palm forward pressed back Chant Har Har powerfully forcing navel in

4. Lotus pose - Lotus body drops, inhale up, exhale down

5. Sit w/ left knee raised, right foot over left knee Lean back on left hand, raise right arm

Lift buddox off floor BF

6. Ez pose

Left palm facing in, Right hand over left wrist

Arch left palm back, Press left hand out and Press hand in

LDB, then inhale hold, exhale, repeat 2 minutes, then change arms

7. Sit w/ legs straight forward, arms straight forward

Make fists w/ thumbs up. Inhale forward 60o; exhale back 60o

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