Arch pose

Inhale up, Exhale down

9. Cat Cow variation

Inhale raise right leg, exhale right knee to forehead Change legs

10. Come to arms and knees touching Inhale lean forwards, Exhale lean back

11. Nabhi Sodni Kriya - kidneys Half bow

Come up on left arm, right arm grabs left leg and lift to ^ bow w/ BF Then alternate

12. Crow pose - for kidneys and bladder Balance for 1 minute

Forceful Har Har 3 minutes

Inhale hold tighten lips ad mouth 20 seconds, exhale

Repeat for 3 seconds

13. Kunchun Mudra - equivalent to a 48 hr workout

A. Ez pose, both hands in Gyan mudra

Right forearm in front of chest at solar plexus level, palm facing down

Left hand next to left ear, palm pressed back

Stretch spine straight

Pull muscles of boddox, hips, sides

Pull in abdomen, lift diaphragm

Chest our, chin in

Inhale, hold 30seconds, relax entire body Repeat for 5 minutes

B. Repeat, but this time maintain tight posture and chant through tightened lips

Yoga for You

Yoga for You

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  • eulalia franklin
    What is arch position in yoga?
    8 years ago
  • merimas
    How to do kunchun mudra?
    7 years ago

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