Astrological and Other Remedies

There are remedies that can change your destiny.

Astrology has enjoyed much popularity in the West for many years. The 6,000-year-old Hindu astrology system differs from Western astrology in several key areas. Whereas Western astrology focuses on personality and character analysis, Hindu or Vedic astrology (also called Jyotish) focuses on life circumstances and on events that are destined to occur in your life. Hindu astrology is based upon the philosophy of karma, with the premise that your current life is the result of actions you have had in previous births. Hindu astrology readings also differ from Western astrology in that they include recommendations for remedies to alleviate or mitigate karmic circumstances and events. These remedies include the prescription of specific gemstones to be worn touching your body, special mantras or rituals such as homas, also called pujas/poojas or yagnas/yagyas/yajnas.

Astrological Solutions

There are many excellent Hindu astrologers in India and now in the West as well. We also provide astrological counseling services and have the resources to fulfill the remedies as recommended in your astrological reading. One of the most important reasons you may not be succeeding in life can be found in the planets. I am convinced that every moment of your life is conditioned by the planets. A Vedic astrology reading, along with prescribed remedies, can do much to change your life for the better.


Homas are fire rituals that have been performed since ancient times to rain prosperity on individuals and humanity. "Through my Nadi and Homa Center in Chennai, India, these rituals can be performed for you in India by deeply devotional Vedic scholars.

During the Vedic period in India (3,000 BC to 1,500 BC), the sages (seers) invoked the Divine beings to come to the earth through the use of homas. It is enlightening to know that the gods look to us as much as we look to them. Homas are thus the most ancient, yet one of the most effective and scientific approaches, to remove or reduce the pain and suffering we are undergoing due to our past sins.

There are specific homas not only used as remedies for problems found in your horoscope, but also homas to bring you wealth, health, improved relationships and success in life. The Lakshmi Kubera Homa is designed to bring immense wealth, the Navagraha Homa is a ritual for the nine planets that will eradicate karma, and there are other homas that can be performed at our Homa Center. I have personally developed the homas and they are performed by my staff with great care and sincerity.

Why Fire Rituals or Agni?

Fire converts mere sand into gold. It transforms hard rock into diamond. In this world, everything functions only with the aid of fire. We cannot cook our food without fire; neither can we digest the food that we eat. So a lot of homas performed in the Rig-Veda (one of the four major Vedas of Hinduism) were addressed to the Fire God. Our Rishis or Saints fully understood the powers of fire, one of nature's blessed elements.

Mail-Order Homas

For those of you residing in other parts of the world besides India, you can derive the benefits of homa without travelling to India. Through our unique mail-order plan, you can sponsor a homa specially tailored to your current life situation and future desires. My staff will perform the homa in your name with the utmost dedication, and then we will mail you some of the remnants of the precious items (known as "prasad") that were offered to the Fire God . These objects hold the blessings and concentrated energy of the deities invoked in the fire. You can use these objects in your meditation and prayer time to fulfill your desires. This is a great ancient science from holy India. Having these homas will help you gain in all walks of life.

Navagraha Trips

We offer special tours for groups and individuals to visit the principal temples of the nine planets, which are some of the greatest power spots in India (all located in and around Tamil Nadu). The experience of visiting these temples, which are very sacred places containing magical powerful energies, can be life transforming.

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