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When one begins to take Kundalini Yoga classes, one enters a stream of consciousness, where over a relatively short period of time, the awareness of one's sense of identity initially imbedded and trapped in the nerves, cells and neurons, expands and overflows the system. One's awareness begins to shift from the limitation of identity to the sensations and emotions and thoughts of the body mind to the identity with the consciousness that illumines them.

The sets of Kundalini Yoga exercises, kriyas, meditations combine to stimulate and charge up the glands, organs and nerve complexes coming from the spine until the predominance of certain charges along habitual routes diminishes as other areas begin to brighten as well. Gradually, there comes a balance in energy flows of the system and then a radiance that begins to merge the sense of an individual consciousness with a pervasive consciousness.

Where once one was an actor with a given script, one's awareness begins to include the knowledge, perspective and reading of the scripts of others that were formerly seen as antagonists or protagonists in the daily drama of life. The view of the director, producer and author also emerge, as well as the overall multileveled appreciation of the audience. Suddenly there is a radical shift in one's identity away from the idea of being a body of actions and mind of thoughts to that of being simply consciousness - the part that sees, unconditioned, uncaused, timeless and space-like, and you abide singly as that - nondual.

In the Kundalini Yoga classes, one will find people just starting and people very advanced, where one's level of advancement is more determined by the experience of physiological balance that begins to pervade the nervous and chemical electric systems of the student, than the difficulty of the practice.

People that are relatively new may feel a combination exuberance and energy along with a sense of numbness, as the combination of powerful breathing that vitalizes the blood and the effect of postures and movements of the yoga exercises that creates a pressure that opens capillaries and cells results in the discharging waste into the bloodstream to gradually exit through the lymphs, kidneys, colon, liver, lungs and skin. Others who have been attending classes regularly and practicing basic sets at home will begin to feel coolness and heat as the pervading energy purifies the nerves and charges the centers. An experience of an expanding sense of clarity and creative intuition and natural energy begins to predominate over what they experienced previously.

Others, one might call more advanced, from the same sets will feel what was only imagination some weeks before - the flow of electricity in the nerves, an electromagnetic balance and a still pervasive etheric radiance that pervades the body and illumines their auras.

Others coming for some time to the same classes as those just entering the stream will feel a deep inner pull, a sense of pervading Intelligence, like a Singularity of a graviton that pulses "I as I" - "I am that I am" - Thoughts and sensations may arise, but there is no longer a sense of action of doing, of attention. They feel the flow of light rising from the base of the spine, the flow of light through the crown's tenth gate and the pulling and outshining light in the Heart in the right side of the chest. You abide as self-luminous being, as the light that lights everyone born into the world - empty, clear.

So what is the sadhana of Kundalini Yoga? It is a practice whereby one enters a stream of consciousness. One begins to take classes offered and eventually teach what one has learned, in which gradually and with sudden emerging bursts, one's awareness of the consciousness that illumines and supports the entire existence, seen and unseen, shifts from the limitation of the identity to the body field and mind of entrapped repeating thought patters, to the awareness of one's self as the light behind the images, to the awareness of being Consciousness Itself.

Simultaneously, one becomes aware of and abides as the experience behind the words given by the archetypal saviors based upon whose lives the many religions were founded.

With a regular practice of Kundalini Yoga, this expanding awareness happens quite naturally.

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