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The gross-physical, subtle and causal body is made up of light and sound.

Because of the latent tendencies we're born with and the accumulated "takes" and impressions of the world imprinted and stored in the body, we go through life, like the typecast actor, acting out and reliving the same role of impressions in every new setting.

This body is made up of a multiple of receptors and preceptors through which impressions become encoded. These are the well known centers or seven chakras we often refer to of groups of nerves, glands and organs, plus a number of centers of greater and lesser magnitude. Six of these centers are along the silver cord from the base of the spine up to the pituitary gland. The centers of greater magnitude are along the gold cord from the pituitary through the hypothalamus to the pineal gland and related extensions throughout the brain. Minor centers are distributed throughout the body. The centers of power that generate, organize (support) and dissolve the body and its storehouse of impressions are the Kandal (between the 4th vertebra and navel), the Sahasrara (opening through the tenth gate in the crown of the head), and the Hrdayam, which is the self-effulgent light that animates the body field and denotes the sense of "I" and realness to all interpretations and projections made of the world.

These centers that make up the body field are a repository of chemical electric configurations of impressions that become encoded in the body field along certain energy pathways, the cells of organs, down to the atomic structures of the genes and DNA. As a result, we become bound to a certain views of the world and think and act according to those views to life's events. The body is taken for "I" and the world is taken to be apart and separate from the body.

With the practice of Kundalini Yoga, each major and minor center is systematically charged and vitalized, so that the encoding that continuously fires in these patterns, based on the energy channels that have developed to imprint these impressions, begins to give way to a more evenly balanced and complete energy flow to all the nerves, glands, organs and cells of these centers.

The seer, which is to say the subject "I" or light of awareness of identity, which previously believed itself to be these embedded impressions, now begins to see through a clearer lens. The images on one's conscious screen begin to fade in the same manner that the images on a screen of a movie projection begin to fade to white as the power of the light in the projector is turned up. In this way, the bondage to thought patterns gives way to the light of single spontaneous intuition that is prior to any thought, image or impression that previously bound the sense of identity.

In the practice of Kundalini Yoga, as the centers charge and come up to their natural and full voltage, they begin to resonate. Certain sounds (sacred to the centers) are combined with angles, mudras and movements and specific breathing techniques to cause the accumulated energy in these centers to begin to resonate in natural harmony with all the centers in the body field.

With this harmonic resonance of light and sound permeating the body field, the awareness begins to vibrate in unison with That which animates the universe and pulsates in the body as

Suddenly, the awareness of the seer becomes single and abides in itself, as self-effulgent light in the heart, and you abide as pervasive being light.

People come to Kundalini Yoga classes and within a matter of minutes, the stresses, tensions, angers, frustrations, fears and all images gripping the consciousness are entirely transformed into one smooth, placid, etheric field of brightness and clarity.

Over time, as one's practice becomes regular, a new imprinting of brightness prevails. The awareness of one's identity shifts to recognize oneself as a consciousness, and no longer the images and impressions related to the gross and subtle bodies alone.

Those who come to classes regularly begin to hear, understand and dwell in the Truth of this consciousness, until one day, that Truth recognizes Itself and emerges as The Truth.

Once the Truth is heard, a Singularity appears in the Spiritual Heart that withdraws the sense of

"I" from all the images, gross, subtle and even the causal idea of "I" itself. Simultaneously, the body field - waking-consciousness, subconscious and unconscious, is completely outshined.

What remains is the Truth - All is SAT NAM.

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