Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire is a rapid, rhythmic, bellow type of breathing method. This breath is used consistently throughout Kundalini Yoga Kriyas. In Breath of Fire, the focus of energy is at the navel point. The breath is fairly rapid, 2 to 3 breaths per second, continuous and powerful with no pause between the inhale and exhale.

Posture (Asana)

Sit in a comfortable meditative posture, i.e., easy pose, with a straight spine. Exhale

As you exhale, the air is pushed out by pulling in the navel point and abdomen towards the spine. In this motion, the chest area is moderately relaxed.


As you inhale, the air is pulled in by pushing the navel point forward to bring the air into the lungs.

This is a very balanced breath with no emphasis on either the exhale or inhale, and with equal power given to both. Breath of Fire is a cleansing breath which cleans the blood and releases old toxins from the lungs, mucous lining, blood vessels, and cells. Regular practice expands the lungs quickly. You can start with three minutes of Breath of Fire and build to twenty. While pregnant or menstruating, substitute Long Deep Breathing for Breath of Fire.

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