Building Physical Health And Mental Clarity

April 14, 1993

1. Sit in easy pose with your elbows bent, the upper arms near the ribs, and the forearms pointing upward. The thumbs touch the mound under the Mercury fingers, while the fingers point straight upward with no space between them. Keep your spine straight with the chin in and the chest out. Inside you there^ is

Stretch back your shoulder blades so that they almost touch. Look at the tip of your nose and do liobou da ^¿T

breath of fire. Make sure that your breath is strong and that you pump your navel. 3 Minutes. ng j ^ ^

Yogic scriptures say that five hundred diseases will not come near a person who moves his navel pure am^ as ¿„^

point, because the navel point totally controls the Vayus, the pranic airs that circulate through the as Qocl. YB

To finish: Inhale, hold the breath 10 Seconds, tighten all your muscles to circulate the energy you have created, and exhale the breath through your mouth like cannon fire. Inhale, repeat this sequence one more time. Finally, inhale, hold the breath 10 seconds, tighten all your muscles and exhale the breath slowly with a whistle. When the whistle ends, relax the posture. Through the practice of this exercise, men can avoid impotency, women can avoid menopause problems, and the young can remain young.

2. Sit in easy pose with your elbows bent, the upper arms near the ribs, the forearms pointing upward and the palms of the hands facing forward. Twist the hands back and forth on the wrists with the thumbs leading the movement. The total power of the movement of this exercise comes from the thumbs. The thumbs are solid and the fingers firm as you move the hands with a heavy jerk forward and back. Make the thumbs move the hands. Move hard and fast. Look at the tip of your nose. Breathe as slowly and deeply as possible. 3 Minutes. If this movement is painful you could be deficient in proper minerals.

To finish: Inhale, hold the breath 10-15 seconds, twist the hands back and forth as fast as you can and tighten all the muscles of the body. Exhale. Repeat this sequence two more times and relax.

3.The elbows are bent with the forearms parallel to the ground, palms facing down. There is no space between the fingers of each hand and the thumb is pressed against the side of the hand. The hands are near the center of the chest, with the fingertips of one hand pointing at the fingertips of the other. The eyes are on the tip of the nose. Swinging from the elbow, the forearms move out to the front and back to the center. The forearms do not swing all the way out to the side, they stop when they point straight forward. The force of the movement is from the outside position inward. Pull the arms in heavily like a hammer blow with full speed and strength. The mouth is "o" shaped with breath of fire through the mouth. 3 Minutes. This exercise is for the heart center.

To finish: Inhale, hold the breath 15 seconds, repeat the movement of the exercise as fast as you can and shake energy into every cell. Exhale. Repeat this sequence two more times and relax.

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