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The purpose of this article was to reestablish yoga into the perspective that it is and has always been based on a core Teaching, and that it is out of this core Teaching that the many practices emerged, and that due to situations and events, yoga as a whole, has repeatedly either become fragmented into sects of teachings or become delinked from the core Teaching, but in any case no longer part of a total community teaching regarding the Truth of the Whole Man.

This core Teaching is the realization of the Self, which Self may prevail at any time with or without a discipline or yogic practice, and is often forgotten as the purpose and essential ingredient necessary to make the practice itself fruitful, even for its own sake.

Another important issue was to restate that the body's field is one unified and undifferentiated whole, something that in study and practice is often forgotten and with it the purpose and intention of the practice, where the focus often tends towards the developing of only one or another aspect, which unwittingly defeats the purpose.

The article also provides some insight into other yogas and cleansing practices. Often, one might practice a certain yoga for a number of years and really not get any benefit apart from better health and fitness or some psychic add on. So to mention how these other yogas should be practiced in relation to the purification of the body field also helps to reemphasize what one is trying to accomplish.

The intent of this article is also to show that these yogas have not evolved out of shamanism of primitive man, as we often hear and read about, but rather out of a core Teaching, and that the knowledge of these yogas is already inherent within the programming makeup of the body field, accessible to the True Man and True Woman.

Finally, the intent is to bring into recognition that there is a Whole and Natural Man, the True Man and True Woman, and that through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, this Whole Person will emerge. There is not a small self that unites with a Greater Self, but rather the emergence of a Whole in what was only a part, the recollection of one's True Self and dissolution of the clinging to the delusion of the fragmented idea of self.

That which is True has no use for word and their meaning, nor the focus of attention towards images and ideas. It alone is the hearer, It alone sees. In the practice of purification of the field and the consideration of the Truth, That which is True emerges and abides Singly as all pervasive Self.

Then, abiding in the Sun in the Heart (Hrdayam), one passes through the center or core, like Black Hole behind which is the other side of the veil (Maya) upon which the field and universe appears. From this stance the field is constantly filling with light and the evolution becomes an involution. One has pierced the Ground of Energy, the Zero Point, and abides as That.

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