He was a son of a well-to-do merchant in the downtown of Udorn Thani. He attended the Assumption School of Commerce and studied business. After schooling, he returned home and helped doing the family's business. He has been interested in Buddhism since he was a little more than ten years old. And this has been gnawing his mind all along. He practiced meditation by himself with the help of books on meditation.

When he was twenty-seven years old, he took leave of his father and entered monkhood at Wat Bodhi Somporn. He passed the first grade for Dhamma students. Later he went to practice meditation with Phra Acharn Maha Buwa at Wat Ban Tad, Udorn Thani. After two months, he began to suffer from hemorrhoids. So he took leave of monkhood in order to get medical treatment. At that time he had been in monkhood for eight months. After he had completely cured himself and had become healthier and stronger, he felt he missed the life of chastity, which he had gone through during monkhood.

So he again took leave of his father and went to Wat Hin Mark Peng for training for several months. Then he asked for permission to enter monkhood, but his father was not willing to give permission for fear that his son's health would decline and become prone to illness again.

Nevertheless, with genuine faith in Buddhism, he made a resolution that as long as he had this strong faith and confidence he would not let anybody turn down his intention. Finally his father had to yield permission. So he entered monkhood, this time at Wat Hin Mark Peng. Phra Acharn Thate was his Upajjhaya.

Having entered monkhood, he felt that even if he was able to work up to the state of calm quicker and keener than before, he felt that sometimes he was still shaken by external sense-objects. Nevertheless, since he has deep faith and confidence, he has been able to observe the life of monkhood up to now. He is responsible for translating English into Thai in Dhamma discussion classes, which are held at Wat Hin mark Peng.

Phra Chaichaan Chayadhammo renders the following questions to Phra Acharn Thate:

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