Develop the Positive Thinking Habit with the Thoughts and Rituals Scorecard

You become what you think.

As the ancient seers have taught, you become what you think. So becoming conscious of the many different thoughts you have each day is a very important step in changing your life. You will be most effective in gaining control over your thoughts if you maintain a daily scorecard of your thought experiences, which you will summarize at the end of each month. Make a copy of the scorecard in this chapter. Each day rate the intensity level of the positive and negative thought experiences you had on the scorecard below, using a scale of 1 through 10 (1 = weakest, 10 = strongest). At the end of the month summarize your daily scores for that month. Also check the amount of times each day that you performed the noted rituals and remembered the noted thoughts. These rituals are all discussed in this book.

It becomes quite interesting, and sometimes surprising, to learn just what holds your attention throughout each day and over extended periods of time. As you review your scorecards, you will begin to get a clearer picture of your thought patterns and your progress in changing those thoughts. Very soon, you will begin to see how these changing thoughts change your life.

To add a little extra momentum to your transformation process, identify a personal goal for yourself within the category you have identified for each month. Pick something that would have the greatest effect on every area of your life. For example, in my Personal Transformation Program, just listed in my previous chapter, month one focuses on personality and physical appearance. A personal goal might be to lose a certain amount of weight; exercise regularly; change something about the way you dress or look; notice whenever you are acting controlling with others, or are fearful, angry or jealous.

Once you've decided on your goal, write it down and then write it several times each day. Continue to examine yourself and see if you have the behaviors that you've identified. Rituals will help turn your positive thoughts and habits into second nature. Keep a daily scorecard of the number of times you remember to do the rituals listed on the next page.

The Path To Positive Thinking

The Path To Positive Thinking

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