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There may be records for your life written in mysterious ancient palm leaves.

This chapter may not appeal to everyone, but there are some people forwhom this information will be a God-send. Literally. There are some people who are seeking a deeper explanation about their karma, what they did in a past life that has caused what they are dealing with now. So consider, have you ever wished for answers about why some things in your life look the way they do and what you could do to remedy some of your difficulties?

In India, there is a secret esoteric tradition that has kept records detailing the past, present and future for many people. This is called Nadi astrology. These records were written by various enlightened masters who are collectively called the Siddhas. I have mentioned them earlier in this book.

If you have been drawn to this book and have been finding it helpful, these enlightened Siddhas may have known you in a past life when you lived in India. If so, at that time they agreed to help you during a crisis in a future lifetime, and they always keep their word. For many people, that "future" lifetime is actually the one they are in now. The promised help they will receive will come from Nadi astrology.

If you are drawn to investigate Nadi astrology in this lifetime, there is a strong chance that you have a connection with these Siddhas and there are records waiting for you, sort of "Post-its" from the Divine, giving explanations and directions for this lifetime. Many traditions have predicted that this new millennium will be the setting for tremendous material and spiritual evolution for many people. Nadi astrology is a key tool for positive, rapid transformation as it explains past errors that have resulted in the current state of affairs in one's life and particular remedies to perform in order to alleviate difficulties and open up a new, more positive karmic track in this lifetime. I am very excited to share knowledge of this most precious tool and make it easily available to people in the West. The Nadis truly come from "the other side."

Siddhas and the Sacred Leaves

Many of the Siddhas are not yet well-known in the West, although one of them, Babaji, has been written about in Yogananda's book, Autobiography of a Yogi. Another book describing the yogic abilities of these masters is Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition by M. Govindan. In this millennium, the wisdom and secrets of the Siddhas are being passed into the West more openly for the first time, and I have special permission to share things which have never before been released publicly. Many people in the West will benefit enormously from them.

The enlightened Siddha masters founded Nadi astrology a long, long time ago. Lord Shiva, pleased with their devotion, bestowed upon them some exclusive powers. He gave them incredible clairvoyance to know the past, present and future. The Siddhas etched their priceless knowledge on ancient palm leaves called Nadis. Associated with you in your Poorva Janma (previous birth), they promised to help you in a future life, i.e., now. By the Nadi law, you will be involuntarily attracted to the leaves by destiny only. The very fact that you are reading this far into the description of the Nadis is an interesting omen, as not everyone even hears about them, let alone is curious about them.

The Nadi leaves were originally inscribed in Sanskrit. Various people have held the Nadis in secret once the Siddhas wrote them. One ruler, the Maharajah Serfoji II of Tanjore in southern India, was a true patron of art and science. He stored these palm leaves safely in his palace library knowing their importance. He also had them translated into Tamil (a language used in southern India). The British acquired possession of these leaves during their rule and later sold them to some families, which still own them and respectfully keep them. The Nadi leaves have been held quietly for centuries, waiting their time of rendezvous with their intended recipients, the individuals whose destinies they describe.

Time to Release Secrets

The time has come to release many of the Siddha secrets into the West in a broad way, to benefit many, many people. The time has come for this knowledge to go out to the masses. I have spent over twenty years of painstaking research in this life to unearth a combination of Nadis renowned for being genuine, accurate and reliable.

Most importantly for you, I am energetically involved in the remedial process of Nadi astrology which gives a very strong boost to the removal of negative karma and accelerates positive transformations. As suggested by Lord Shiva in your leaves, it is important to perform remedial rituals at specific temples, which hold ancient Divine energies. It is important for individuals to perform the remedies in order to change the problems in their lives, transmuting difficult karma created in past lives which may be affecting this one.

Finding Your Leaf, Changing Your Life

It is not enough to know your destiny, whether it is good or bad. An important step in creating a new life is the ability to change and reconstruct it as you wish it to be. This is a yogic art.

To find out if you have a leaf, your thumbprint is used as part of the "look-up" process. Everyone's thumbprint is unique. Nadi astrologers search through the palm leaves based on the pattern of the thumbprint to find out if you have a Nadi leaf containing your destiny, and remedial suggestions about how to remove negative karma. Nadi readings will accelerate the process of burning your karma and can completely alter the course of your destiny.

Some of the Nadi remedies may suggest that you visit a specific temple. These temples have been built in a sacred place with beneficial space. I also offer a service through my ashram where we can visit the temple for you, and by proxy, perform prescribed rituals to burn your karma.

Good Vibes and Bad Vibes

The Siddhas considered water a great purifier. Space itself also has therapeutic properties when it is the right space. According to the Siddhas, each space has its own vibes. This can be clearly understood by a comparison of a "good" neighborhood and a "bad" neighborhood. The Siddhas tell a story to explain the vibes in different geographical spaces.

Story of the House of Thieves

Once a Siddha was caught in rain in the woods. It was dark at night, and he looked around for a shelter. He found a house and walked towards it to sit out the rain, as the house was covered. He also found a newly wedded couple taking shelter. The Siddha had a terrible thought suddenly flashing through his mind. That was to kill the husband and take the woman and her jewels. The Siddha examined how this negative idea came to him. He discovered that the house belonged to some robbers, and their thought waves were still floating in the sky, and the Siddha happened to access them. Just as there are negative thought patterns floating in the atmosphere, there are also good ones. The places where good thoughts are floating are called sacred spaces. Usually these are within specially built temples where in ancient times a great being cured the king of a disease or healed the poor, and so forth. To visit a sacred space and to breathe the vibes there is truly therapeutic.

Good Thoughts and Sacred Spaces

So the temples recommended by the Nadis are dripping with space energy from the Siddhas. This is why remedies and prayers performed in them are so effective. There is Infinite Intelligence and Compassion present in the Divine radiations of these temples. Each temple is devoted to an aspect of the Divine. Those that are given as your "remedy" temples are keyed to energies suitable for diffusing your old karma and recharging you with a new life. A temple called Vaitheeswaran Koil in a village in southern India is the nerve center of the Nadi tradition. Surrounded by other temples of great significance, the entire village reverberates with this ancient heritage of wisdom. The Nadi readers I work with are from this fertile Nadi astrology soil; I guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the readers and Nadis used by Vaaak Sounds.

Caution! There is so much out there in the name of Nadi astrology-not every Nadi is comprehensive or legitimate. It is important to be cautious about the source.

Two Ways to Find Your Nadi Leaf

For those who are interested in exploring this sacred tool, you can find your Nadi leaf through two means: by coming to India in person (either on one of the Vaaak Sounds special group trips or on an individually-designed trip for those of you with tight and unpredictable schedules); or through use of an efficient mail order service.

In the case of using the mail-order service, my staff in India will arrange for remedies to be performed in your Nadi temples in your name, and this has great efficacy. You may be given a yantra to use at home, and in that case, you must be faithful to this for the remedy to work.

However, I have to be honest and say it is most beneficial to come to India and personally perform the remedies that the Nadi author prescribes for you. You are the best one to clean up your own mess! If you cannot travel to India at this point in time, you can receive your Nadi reading through the postal service or through e-mail. You may fill out a questionnaire and return it to Vaaak Sounds along with your thumbprint.

Some people start the process by opting for Nadi remedies through mail-order and then later come to India to repeat the remedies through the Nadi trip service. My ashram staff in India has been taking excellent care of people doing their Nadi remedies for several years now, and they really devote themselves to making this a deeply meaningful pilgrimage for you with the details of meals, hotels, transportation all attended to. You are accompanied by a Nadi guide who is familiar with the energies of the temples and who will ensure your remedies are properly performed. I have seen this to be a life transforming experience for many people, and I know there are many, many more leaves waiting for their rightful recipient.

Some people ask, "Some day can temples with special space energy be built in places other than India?" And I say, "Yes." We live in an age when new temples will be built in new lands, and when the Divine energies will charge new places as well. The time has come for enlightened energy to become available throughout the world. It is time for the Age of Miracles to take hold.

Nadi Reading Process

When you order your personal reading, Nadi readers will locate your leaf and any accompanying "chapters" of information. Then, the readers will locate your first chapter for a general reading. This information identifies you, your parents and spouse by name, number of siblings, profession, religion, and so on. It will include general predictions for your future.

The Nadi readers will then locate your two remedial chapters that prescribe the exact rituals to be performed, which can erase the balance of your past-life sins, allow you to end the current suffering and achieve your highest potential in the future.

Subsequently, you can request additional chapter readings on specific areas of life that you wish to learn about such as jobs, business, family, marriage, relationships, health/medical issues, and so on. But I insist that the most efficient way to start is with the remedial chapters. You have so much to gain by cleaning up the old karma!

There are many, many leaves waiting for souls that were meant to find them. This is a profoundly deep yogic science, and you cannot come to your Nadi before the time of the intended rendezvous. For some of you reading this book, that time is now.

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