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All the religions contain the promise of the once and future Man - the True Man and True Woman. The Archetypal Saviors came and taught the Single Truth (apart from which there is nothing else), as a core Teaching out of which they began to teach methods and systems, yogas, through which those that yearned to know and abide in the Truth, but could not hear It, would be able to become pure and see God, the all-pervasive "I AM" as their True Self.

Sometime in the future, we may again see spiritual communities, now becoming parts of a global and interconnected cyber community, in which all these yogas and all the religions are re-linked to their core and taught, and disseminated without restriction.

The mechanisms through which the awakening can occur are all in place in the body's field, and the knowledge is ready to open into that field, such that with the steady and systematic practice of Kundalini Yoga with devotion to God, the True Man and True Woman will emerge. Then, with the slightest indication of one's True nature, That which is True will Itself emerge, and dissolving the last remnant of identity in the satvic field.

Pieter Schoonheim Samara <[email protected]>

Sunday, April 15, 2001

Kundalini Yoga is the Totality of Being

Having read the Yoga the Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga it should be noted that the practice of Kundalini Yoga is enhanced somewhat by bringing into greater clarity some of the issues regarding the different yogas, which are an integral part of KY, and giving some more explanation as to what these yogas are beyond just techniques. These are also my experiences.

I recall Yogi Bhajan once saying that "Kundalini Yoga is the Totality of Being."

Some of the topics that would be of interest to include in your books, with your editing and additions, which I will write about below are

1. The 2 circles Yogi Bhajan used to present in the early Teachers Training Manuals, one above the other, representing infinity, but also the individual soul below and the Universal All-Pervasive Consciousness above and how

KY enables the lower to become sufficiently charged that it \---/ K!Y

can link up with the upper and experience infinity.

2. Raja Yoga, as the practice of Ashtanga Yoga or the Yoga Sutras of Patenjali, and as explained in detail in Vivekananda's authoritative work - "Raja Yoga"

3. Bhakti Yoga - the devotion, longing and love for God, which gives rise to wanting to hear His Word

4. Jnana (Gyan) Yoga - hearing, absorption, abiding as the True Hearer, the All-Pervasive Self - the Universal Consciousness - The Heart (Hrdayam)

5. Prayer - God listens and answers.

6. Faith and Belief - the spark at links the lower circle to the upper circle and to infinity.

7. The Non-Dual experience oriented Teachings of the Saviors and Saints for those that can "hear" where KY is that practice or methodology or science through which one's field can become pure enough to experience the Teachings of their Religions, where the True Hearer emerges into the consciousness, and hears the Truth, such that the consciousness (the field of the body/mind) becomes absorbed in that Truth and abides as That single Truth.

8. Spiritual Archetypes: Christ as the Son (Atman) and the "I AM THAT I AM" as the Father (Brahman), and the need for KY to adhere to and abide in the reverence for all Religions. In the name of God throughout the last several thousand years, great crimes have been perpetrated against humanity, but this does not mean that the message of the Saviors and Saints is flawed in the slightest.

Being that today is Easter Sunday, and as this subject pertains to the "Resurrection (emergence) of the (Divine) Body (the non-dual Self) unto Life Everlasting (Enlightenment of the Whole Body)" it is a fitting time to be writing about this.

The Two Circles:

The 2 circles we used to see in the early teachers training manuals, one above the other represented the link between the individual consciousness with the all pervasive consciousness, the Atman with Brahman, the Son with the Father, like an individual PC being linked to a super computer via the internet.

Through the practice of KY, the nerves begin to purify and strengthen, the glands begin to secrete and bring greater life force to the blood, the various centers begin to charge evenly and fire completely and the field begins to come into an electromagnetic balance. As the field becomes balanced and charged the awareness begins to experience itself as spirit, and less as a body. The outward tendencies (rajas and tamas) of the mind abate, which is to say that the need to focus outwardly towards the sensations of the body and thoughts and images arising in the mind subsides, and the mind becomes very still and non-reactive towards karmic influences, floating in an unrippling sea of satvic purity. This purity shimmers with the reflected consciousness of the Self, pervading intuitive Intelligence throughout the field. At some stage the awareness experiences the field in a sort of a three dimensional view, where the meaning of seeing with the mind's eye is to experience some area within one's field inside, outside and all around at once, without some subject seeing a separate object.

But as the field becomes more and more charged and balanced and purified, that which triggers the linking of the Atman to Brahman, where "I and my Father are One" or "This Atman is That Brahman" - wherein one experiences the infinite timelessness of ones own Being Consciousness, is the emergence o/Bhakti, and with Bhakti comes Jnana (Gyan).

Quite often in the west, everything has to be boiled down to technique and method, as though through the repetition of these to some level of perfection, the Intelligent Soul will emerge. But no matter how much one repeats a mantra or a prayer, without longing arising from within the heart to inwardly know and experience the Truth lived by and spoken about by the Saints and Saviors, one will always experience oneself only as the field and not that pure Intelligence and beatitude that provides the sense of Light and Life to the field, an experience so pure that the awareness relinquishes and surrenders the field and seeks instead to hear the Truth and abide in That.

With longing comes the intense desire to read and hear about the lives and the words of the Saints and Saviors, to somehow grasp and hold into oneself that Truth. This is expressed very clearly in the shabad:

"I have longed for the Perfect Beloved, for the Perfect manifested Name. I have got him in my arms. I sing the song of his perfection.

Listen to the Word of the Perfect Guru, and see the Supreme Lord near about you. Call upon Him with every breath you draw, and the troubles of your inner mind will depart.

Leave behind desires which consume you, and seek the dust of the Lord.

Forget the self and pray to the lord, pray to the Lord.

And swim across the ocean of fire, into the company of the holy.

There you will gather the wealth of the Name and be grateful to the Perfect Guru"

This to say that Bhakti is not technique or method or repetition, even though the mind may, through prayer, mantra, asana and their repetition, find a means to purely channel the overflow of the feelings of devotion. Bhakti is the decent of God's Grace into the field, and through It, the lower circle reaches up to the upper circle (evolution), and the upper circle draws (involution) the lower into Its infinity.

Devotion and longing spark the link between the sense of a separate and individual field of the lower circle with the all-pervasive Being of the upper circle.

The lower circle's sense of existence, realness and being ("I") begins to merge and dissolve into the upper circle, until finally the upper circle begins to draw the sense of "I" in the lower circle into the all pervasive "I" in the upper circle, such that the 2 becoming one experience of infinity.

At some time the awareness becomes so still in the effort to "hear" the Truth, that That which is the True Hearer, one's own True Self, awakens and suddenly the field implodes and vanishes like a mirage and only the Heart, all pervasive and space-like, remains. Afterwards, the sensation of a doer and experiencer and separateness is greatly diminished, feeling more like a dream than real, while the gravitational pulsation of the eternal mantra in the Heart (Hrdayam), "I, I, I, I, I,..." is relentless, never ceasing, single. The balance of the electromagnetic field has been pulled into, swallowed and dissolved, into the Singularity of the Heart, like the spaghettification of the stars and planets as they swirl around and are sucked into the Singularity of a Black Hole, where time and space are not. "Hrd" literally means "That which sucks in everything."

This "hearing" (sravana), which becomes contemplation (manana) or inward reflecting of the mind (Sahasrara - Lunar Orb) into the heart (Hrdayam -Solar Orb), felt as a pulsation (atma-sphurana) in the atma nadi (between the Sahasrara and Hrdayam), and dissolves into single abiding (niddidyasana / Mahamudra), is not an intellectual process. No amount of thinking or conceptualizing or any activity at all will bring about this single and sudden awakening into the always-abiding Truth.

But with the longing of a pure mind, there comes the sense of inward single thoughtless enquiry (atma-vichara), that constantly discards all that is not "I" - the beginning of the implosion of the field into the heart (Hrdayam). This is Jnana (Gyan).

The practices that are inherent with this realization are always taught by the Saviors and Saints and include, non-judgement, perpetual forgiveness, non-anxiety, humility, charity with self-denial, perseverance without thought to one's self, devotion to God ("I AM"), purity of heart (Hrdayam), abiding singly as the seer, and Eternal Life. These practices are also the out-flowing experience of the essence of the Saints and Saviors, such that through these practices, the mind begins to dissolve into the experience of the attributes of the non-dual Truth.

Raja Yoga:

Raja Yoga is actually Ashtanga Yoga as taught in the Yoga Sutras of Patenjali and explained in greater detail and commentary by Vivekananda in his short work, "Raja Yoga." The purpose of Raja Yoga is to isolate and abide in and as the seer. Practices are (i) yamas, (ii) niyamas, (iii) asana, (iv) pranayama, (v) pratyahar (withdrawal of the senses from objects), (vi) the experience of the field in consciousness without the idea of a subject object, i.e., to know something directly as an experience of knowledge, (vii) isolation of the seer without any object whatsoever (to be awake in the dream state and when awake to the subconscious), and (viii) the relinquishment of the sense of "I" altogether (to be awake to the deep sleep state and when awake to the unconscious, wherein the world itself appears as a waking dimensionless dream having no space or time - the Turya state -nirvakalpa samadhi).

With devotion to God and a yearning for His grace, one begins a period of fasting, water purifications, including cleansing of the colon, which in turn effects the draining of toxins and poisons from throughout the body.

With the body being purified and the mind subdued, one is now ready to begin asanas and pranayama, where the movement of posture and movement of prana along channels, while breathing, is performed like a prayer with no thought diversion to any thing else. A set series of asanas are performed twice a day around an hour each time, with a short series, such as the sun-worshiping series performed slowly several times before pranayama. Pranayama, performed 4 times a day at 6 AM, noon, 6PM and 11 PM, 4 to 6 different pranayamas, is designed to open certain channels, specifically the ida and pingala and the sushumna (gold and silver cords), which may consume 30 minutes per sitting initially and eventually will take an hour and a half per sitting or longer.

Between times one is instructed to read about the lives of the Saints and Saviors and read such works as the Upanishads, and other Gitas focused on the non-dual experience and the Hrdayam. With the mind purified and the field in balance, through this reading the True Hearer recollects Its inherent Truth and emerges as Consciousness Itself.

Tibetan Buddhism has similar practices, where the practice of devotion and faith in the teachings of the Buddhas is a prerequisite, and the practice of Mahamudra as an underlying surti note, or abiding as Self, means the relinquishing all concepts and notions that there are any causes or means that can bring about the awaking of the experience of the non-dual Self. Otherwise, one reads certain non-dual texts.

The difference with KY versus Raja Yoga and Tibetan Yoga practices is that in KY, there is no long term seclusion involved, and there is the underlying assumption that the Truth pervades us and always prevails, even now one is spontaneously awake in the Truth.


Prayer, when made with the pure faith and belief in God will always be answered. The effectiveness of the prayer depends only on the purity of one's faith and belief in God.

There is a story of Nam Dev, whose single devotion and abiding in God (Krishna) was so strong that thoughts would seldom arise in his mind. As an old man he used to take the villagers wash out to the river each day to clean. The laundry load became heavier as he became older, such that one day there arose in his mind the wish that he had a horse to help him carry the wash to and from the river. He arrived at the river without another thought, when suddenly he heard a gruff stern voice from someone behind him commanding him to come. Nam Dev turned to see a very fierce looking Mogul with a big turban and heavy weapons and swords mounted on a great armored horse. The Mogul demanded that Nam Dev would come to him immediately. As Nam Dev approached, the Mogul told him that his mare had given birth to a foal which was now weaned, and as he could no longer keep the foal, he commanded that Nam Dev take over its care. Nam Dev was surprised at the forcefulness of the command and agreed, but before the Mogul could depart, Nam Dev suddenly noticed that the texture of the Mogul's skin was blue and looking further, he began to recognize one after the other each of the sacred traits of Krishna. So, he told the Mogul that he recognized him and couldn't be fooled. The Mogul finally relinquished and acknowledged his True Identity and upon explaining to Nam Dev that he was answering his wish for a horse, vanished.

Belief and Faith:

Unfortunately, these words, which are at the very heart of every religion, have become so debased by progressive new age thinkers, that their meaning lost into a sort of testament to idolatry. We, assuming we are more enlightened than the Saints and Saviors before us, find ourselves joining the fray of progressive spiritual thinkers to also argue against belief and faith, not realizing that these are the doorway through which is triggered the True experience of God Consciousness, our own True Self.

It is not the words that are wrong or harmful but the misinterpretation of the words.

With faith in God (devotion), and belief that by following His Word and teachings one will be saved, the linkage between the lower circle and upper circle becomes complete. In Christian terms, this is the baptism by fire (Kundalini). "The Father is Spirit and must be prayed to in Spirit and Truth." and "... abide with Me as I abide in the Father."

Unfortunately, just as Christ admonished the scribes, the Pharisees and Sadducees for hiding the Truth to gain power over people, so too today most of the Christian churches are unknowingly hiding the Truth of the real meaning of Christ's words from their public, even leading them astray from His non-dual Truth, to maintain power over their people.

Nevertheless, the lives and words of the Saints and Saviors in all religions are full of Truth "...for those that have ears to hear, what the spirit has to say..." (Christ)

Through the practice of KY, the belief and faith in God will trigger the influx of His grace, which is the linking of the lower circle with the upper circle - the absorption of the sense of "I" into the All Pervasive Self, where the lower circle merges into infinity.


For any number of reasons the lives and teachings of the Saints and Saviors have been denigrated, commonized, researched with a bias for historical flaws, taught as myths and superstition, misinterpreted for the sake of power, de-sanctified and converted to a form of limited study of words rather than the realization of their intended deeper meaning, where the misguided focus has become so complete that That which is True has become well hidden.

This does not mean that what the Saints and Saviors have to teach is passe or lacking Truth. In fact is our inability to "hear" what is resonating with tremendous power in the lives and words of God's Saints and Saviors, not they or their words that are ever at fault.

Through the practice of KY and the slightest sense of belief and faith in God, the purified and balanced mind spontaneously fills with devotion and Knowledge (Jnana - Gyan) dawns.

In KY it is often said that one can quickly have a Kundalini experience, but that the difficulty is to keep the Kundalini up.

The whole upper circle is located from the heart (anahata) to the crown (sahasrara), wherein are felt compassion, love, Truth, intuitive oneness and Pure Being.

When we practice KY and there is also devotion, then similar to Ramakrishna, the Kundalini comes down only with difficulty.

When we practice KY and, through devotion, Knowledge of the Truth of our Self dawns and a gravitational force pulls the field into the heart (Hrdayam), then like Ramana Maharshi (Shiva) the Kundalini radiates incandescently in the atma nadi and becomes all-pervasive, outshining all the centers, and merges the lower circle into the upper circle, through which is experienced the single abiding in infinity.

KY is often taught as method and technique, but when the side of Bhakti (spiritual perfection and purity) / Jnana (Gyan - knowledge of the non-dual Self) are also exposed, the consciousness rises into a Pillar of Light and one realizes that "Kundalini Yoga is the Totality of Being."

Pieter Schoonheim Samara

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