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Age of Miracles - According to Sri Siva, a New Age that began on June 14, 2002. The prophesized "End of Times" in which God will come to the earth plane and bring a "Heaven on Earth." Also called Age of Truth, Age of Magic, and the Golden Age.

Ashram - Holy sanctuary. "leaching center. A spiritual place for spiritual instruction and/or spiritual practices.

Ayurveda - Ancient Hindu art of medicine and prolonging of life. Avatar - An incarnation of God in human form.

Chakra - An energy center located in the body. A nerve center of the subtle body.

Goddess - Female representation or manifestation of Divinity. Guru - Spiritual teacher.

Homas - Fire rituals that have been performed in India since ancient times to rain prosperity on individuals and humanity. Also called pujas/poojas or yagnas/yagyas/yajnas.

Kali Yuga - An age of time lasting 432,000 years. The Dark Age or Iron Age.

Kalki Avatar - Tenth avatar of Vishnu.

Karma - Action. Action not only as an impulse on the physical level, but also an impulse at a subtle or psychological level. Hence, thinking is action. Also known as the law of cause and effect.

Kundalini - Kundalini is the energy of pure desire, a spiritual energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine in the sacrum bone. This primordial cosmic energy lies coiled like a serpent and eventually, through the practice of yoga, rises up and awakens each successive chakra.

Lord Brahma - Form of the Hindu trinity. A deity governing creation.

Lord Shiva - Form of the Hindu trinity. A deity governing dissolution and re-creation of the Universe.

Lord Vishnu - Form of the Hindu trinity. A deity governing preservation. Mala - A circle of stringed beads of various substances used in meditation.

Mantra - Spiritual or empowered speech. A short sacred text or prayer, often recited repetitiously.

Maya - The illusion of reality.

Meditation - To think deeply.

Nada -The sound current of the subtle body.

Nadi - A nerve fiber or energy channel of the subtle (inner) body. Nadis interconnect the chakras. Nadi Leaves - Ancient sacred palm leaves which detail the past, present and future for many people. Om - The mantra of the Divine.

Paranada - The first vibration from which creation emanates. Parvati - A Goddess. The consort of Lord Shiva. Prasad - Remnants of blessed ritual items.

Pujas/Poojas - See homas.

Samadhi - A transcendent state of consciousness. Absorption or bliss.

Samsara - The phenonmenal world where the soul's passage through a series of lives occurs.

Samskara - Innate qualities or certain proclivities with which a person is born. Karma from a previous birth.

Sanskrit - Vedic and mantric language. The oldest Indo-Aryan language. Shiva Linga - A ritual and meditation tool to erase karma and receive blessings. Siddha - A person with miraculous and magical power.

Sri - An Indian title of respect used for men. The title Shrimati is used for women. Tamil Nadu - A state in southern India. The capitol is Chennai, formerly known as Madras. Tantra - Esoteric Hindu rituals, disciplines and meditations. Trident - A three-pronged weapon.

Vedas - The ancient sacred scriptures of India, of which there are four.

Vibhuti - A sacred ash that is used in meditation to erase karma and help attract material desires. Yagna/Y agya/Yajna - See homas.

Yantra - A geometrical magical diagram used as a meditation tool with squares, triangles and circles in a certain permutation combination.

Yoga - Communion; union of the soul with the Divine, or a process which promotes that relationship.

Yogi - A person who practices yoga. The word yogini is the feminine form of the word.

Yuga - World ages. An age or extended period of time, of which there are four defined in Hinduism.

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Kundalini Yoga for balancing the aura KYkriyas (From Kundalini Yoga for Youth and Joy)

1. Sit in Easy Pose. Bend your elbows out to the sides at shoulder level and slightly cross your hands in front of your open eyes. Spread your fingers wide, like a fan (A). Then move your upper arms from the elbow, bringing the hands slightly out to the side and back again. The upper arm will be parallel to the floor (B) Continue this motion rapidly and forcefully for 3 minutes.

This exercise works on the eyes.

2. Stand up and move into Archer Pose, with the right leg bent forward so the knee is over the toes. The left leg is straight back with the foot flat on the ground at a 45 degrees angle to the front foot. Raise the right arm straight in front, parallel to the ground and make a fist as if grasping a bow. Pull the left arm back as if the pulling the bow string back to the shoulder. Face forward with the eyes fixed on the horizon above the fist (A). From this position begin bending the right knee so the body drops down (B), and then comes back up. Continue this motion powerfully and rhythmically for 2 minutes. Switch sides and continue for 2 more minutes. Return to the first leg and arm position and continue for 30 seconds more.

3. Come into Cobra Pose. Lie down on the stomach with the palms flat on the floor under the shoulders and the heels together with the soles of the feet facing up. Arch the spine from the neck to the base until the arms are straight with the elbows locked (A). From this position, raise the buttocks up into the air into Triangle Pose supporting yourself on your palms and soles of your feet, with your body forming straight lines, heels to buttocks and buttocks to wrists (B). Then return to position A and alternate movements at a speed of 2 seconds per posture for 5 minutes.

4. Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine and play the tape of the Wahe Guru Jeeo meditation. When you hear the words Wahe Guru or Wahe Jeeo, pull Muhl Bhand, pulling in on the muscles of the rectum, sex organs and navel point for the length of the phrase, then relax and meditate on the words in between. When you hear the Toohee, take one powerful breath of fire, an equal inhale and exhale from the abdomen, for the length of the word, then relax and meditate in between. Continue for at least one cycle of the meditation (approximately 14 minutes). This meditation moves the energy from the 3rd chakra out into the aura, and returns to the 3rd chakra energising each chakra. If you practice it for the full length of the tape for 90 days, you will perfect the meditation.

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