5. Begin lifting both legs up to 90 degrees together. As the legs come up, chant "Sa", as they go down, chant "Ta", as the legs come up, chant "Na" and as they go down, chant "Ma". 1 1/2 Minute.

6. Relax. 6 Minutes.

Yogi Bhajan taught the following as a way to come out of this deep relaxation and he recommended it as the way to wake your body before you get up in the morning. Getting up too abruptly shocks your system and you can't compensate for that during the day. There is no set time for each movement, a. Before you open your eyes in the morning, cover them with your hands and open your eyes while they are covered. Slowly bring your hands forward, uncovering your eyes so that the light comes gradually into them.

b. Cat stretch left and right.

c. Roll your neck.

d. Stretch your feet forward pointing your toes and stretch your arms up over your head.

e. Bend forward slowly and grab your toes.

f. Get into baby pose. Do your prayers in baby pose before you get up.

g. Slowly rise up and sit on your heels in rock pose.

7. Stretch your legs forward and come up into back platform pose with the neck tilted back. Open your mouth, put your tongue out, and do breath of fire through the mouth. 1 Minute. This posture is good for the pelvis, the thyroid, and the parathyroid.

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