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The individual self (the non-self), which is based on the conception of an identity between a subject "I" and the body and impressions appearing in the mind of objects of the senses, is not real. What is Real is simply the beginningless pulsation of the "I as I," which lights the body and mind with the pervasive awareness of "I."

When the mind becomes pure, its substratum, the awareness of the single pervasive "I" emerges as Consciousness Itself, dissolving the idea of an identity with the body and impressions of the mind.

For a while there seems to be an effort to purify the mind, as a means to realize the Truth. Suddenly an inner awakening to the Truth pervades the consciousness and the idea of an identity to the body and impressions of the mind fades.

When this identity begins to fade and the "I" is withdrawn to abide in It's own nature, the ideas such as attachment also fade.

What is discovered is that the satvic mind, which reflects the inherent Intelligence within the "I," naturally attaches itself to the rajasic (actions) and tamasic mind (objects), but that these are never separate, but seem separate, from the perspective of the focusing lens of the mind, which is to say attention. Attention is the power within the mind that binds thought impressions as a basis to formulate the idea of an identity between the subject (satvic mind) and object (tamasic mind), the continuous modification of these 2 being the activity of the rajasic mind.

The substratum of these three, satvic (pure reflective consciousness), rajasic (active modifications) and tamasic (apparently solid objects), is the simple all pervasive awareness of "I as I."

When through the practice of Kundalini Yoga of Yogi Bhajan, the field of the body becomes charged and begins to resonate and balance, the vibration of the field begins to be of a higher frequency than thought impressions, such that the sense of identity begins to rest in that consciousness, where intuitive knowledge gives way to thought.

Gradually, the entire field begins to resonate at this frequency for longer and longer periods of time, until the mind is so pure and electro-magnetically balanced, that with the slightest exposure to the Truth (such as the reading of a spiritual text), the mind relinquishes its outgoing tendency, inverts and reflects the Self, pulsing "I as I" purely.

This Self is recognized to be Truth. One no longer says "I am this and that" but instead, if anything at all, "I am the Truth."

This Truth is all-pervasive, without cause, without any conditions, without any link to time nor space, yet It is eternal and space-like. Incomprehensible to the mind It abides as the single Truth of our Being.

When we seem to think that the senses have focused in on an object (internal or external), what actually is happening is that the object is recognized within the field of the pervasive "I" consciousness and some knowledge is released as an intuition that gives way to thought images within the mind. If we concentrate on the object with a still (concentrated) mind, the object becomes brighter within the pervasive field, which also reveals greater intuitive knowledge of the object within the mind. A sense of realness is denoted to the object, which has no Reality of its own.

The ignorant mind, which has no light of its own has the impression that there is a basis for an identity in this process of a subject in relation to an object, when actually the process is simply the satvic, rajasic and tamasic qualities attaching themselves to eachother variously.

We are told to give up attachments, and in the process, the ignorant mind has devised a whole category of higher and lower attachments to build a more comprehensive idea of an individual identity versus the real request of relinquishing attachment altogether. But, when the mind begins to become pure, and the Truth is heard inwardly, the whole range of identity to the process of attachments dissolves altogether, as the True Identity emerges and abides in Itself as all-pervasive single being.

As long as we see and identify with the images appearing in the reflected consciousness of the mind, the consciousness appears to be limited and we seem to identify who we think we are with those reflections, but when the sun of the heart (Hrdayam) rises and pulls the sense of "I" into the Singularity of the "I" pulsing as soundless sound as "I," the moon of the mind, though continuing to appear in the all pervasive sky, is no longer needed for seeing, as notions of near and far - before and after have lost all meaning to the pervasive simplicity of the Being Consciousness in which one now abides.

With continued practice of Kundalini Yoga, this Truth and inward Knowledge emerges in the consciousness of the True an and True Woman as simple pure Awareness of pervasive "I as I."

"Infinitely large and infinitely small no difference For definitions have vanished

And no boundaries are seen. "

From Faith Mind - Third Zen Patriarch

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