1. Sit in easy pose with your elbows bent and your hands a little higher than shoulder level. The index

(Jupiter) finger of each hand is pointing straight upward and the other three fingers are curled into a fist with the thumb on top locking the fingers into position. Make your Jupiter fingers stiff and as hard as steel. Wrinkle your nose up so that it lifts your upper lip up from your teeth. (You will look funny.) Begin a strong breath through the tip of your nose. This is not as fast as breath of fire, but it must be powerful. Concentrating on the breath through the nostrils and maintaining the pressure created by wrinkling your nose will activate the ida and pingala energy channels. 4 minutes.

2. Sit in easy pose with your hands curled like lion's claws, the palms facing outward. Begin to punch with your hands fixed in this claw-like position. Form your mouth into an "O" shape and breathe in and out through the "O" shaped lips. Move quickly and the force of your punching hands will create the breath rhythm. Use this motion to release your inner anger. Be physically, mentally, and spiritually aggressive. After 2 1/2 minutes, intensify your motion as if you really were a lion making a ferocious attack. Continue another 1 1/2 minutes. Inhale, hold the breath, and tense the entire body, and exhale. Repeat this inhale, hold, and tense two more times. This exercise will help clear away depression.

The inner Self of the self is sitting, waiting for you to realize that Self.

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