5. Frog pose, inhaling up and exhaling down 52 times. This exercise stretches the Life Nerve and transmutes sexual energy.

6. Lie on your stomach with your chin on the ground. Make fists of your hands and beat them against your buttocks. Do this as hard and fast as you can. This exercise is very relaxing.

7. Stay on your stomach, turn your cheek to the side and fall asleep. Pre tend you are sleeping and snore. Whoever does this will not snore at night.

8. Bundle roll. Bring your arms to your sides and lock them there. Do not bend your arms or legs. Become like a log and roll, first one direction and then the other.

Repeat 7 or 8 times in each direction. This exercise will break down anything in your body that shouldn't be growing and readjust the magnetic field.

There are no set times for these exercises. Do them as long as the children have attention span to participate in them. (Adults doing this set can do each exercise for 3-5 minutes.) When teaching yoga to children, invoke their imaginations. Create a story or ask them to pretend to be animals-whatever it takes to create an imaginary environment in which the children can participate with enthusiasm and abandonment.

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