4. Lie down on your back and lift both legs up over your head into plow pose. Return your legs to the floor and continue leg lifts into plow pose. 2 Minutes.

5. Lie down straight and put your hands under your neck. Spread your heels about one foot apart. Begin jumping the body from the hips, moving from the center of the body. Don't bend the knees, but move from thighs to rib cage. Move vigorously. 3 1/2 Minutes.

6. Still lying on your back, lift your legs up, and grab your toes, keeping your knees straight. Open your mouth and breathe through your throat. 1 Minute.

7. Come into baby pose with your forehead on the ground and your hands behind you. Go to sleep listening to "Naad" by Sangeet Kaur. After 11 minutes rise up, cross your palms over your heart center and sing along with the tape for 5 more minutes. Yogi Bhajan played the gong during this meditation.

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The Power of Meditation

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