1. Sit on your heels, bring your forehead to the ground, arms extended forward, palms together on the ground in front of you. This position is known as "Guru Pranam" (bowing to the Teacher in all things). Inhale and mentally pull the breath energy to the base of the spine. Hold the breath and let the colors of the rainbow spread up your spine, starting with red at the base, then orange, yellow, green, blue, blue-violet and going to violet at the crown of the head. Exhale and let the colors dissolve. Inhale and begin again. Continue up to five minutes.

2. Sit up, stretch your legs out straight, lean back 60 degrees supported by your arms, and let your head fall back. Relax. A muscle block in your chest and throat will be worked out if you will breathe deeply through the nose for 3 minutes. (The exhale must be very complete) Use the muscles of your abdomen as well as the chest muscles when breathing. On each exhale, project a beam of light out the top of your forehead. The last time, hold the breath as long as is comfortable, then sigh the air out through the nose slowly lowering yourself onto your back to relax.

3. After a short relaxation, sit up in easy pose, spine straight, fingers inter laced in your lap. Inhale deeply and chant the vibration "Ong" at an even pitch. Stretch the sound out as long as you can. Ong means the creativity of consciousness or Creative Infinity. Pull your chin in slightly, so when you sustain the "NG" sound, you can feel a vibration passing from the back part of the palate in the roof of the mouth up into the cranium gently stimulating the whole brain. This is a kind of internal massage. Continue for 11 minutes.

All art, music, poetry, dance, and handicrafts attempt to capture and reflect the flow of the universal life force. When the artist is acting sensitively, as a channel for the life force passing through him, his art gains that grace and spontaneity which touches the essence of creation. In this sense, all art is worship of God.

4. Sit in easy pose and press your palms together in front of your chest, the thumbs pressing firmly on the heart center point. (This point is located between the fifth and sixth ribs at the center of the sternum.) Draw your concentration there for 2 minutes.

5. Begin rubbing your palms together vigorously, creating heat between them. Rub them for 2 minutes, sensing the energy building up in your palms. Then draw the palms 4 inches apart, facing each other, and feel the polarity of attraction and repulsion: right palm positive, left palm negative. Close your eyes and feel the sensitivity in your palms for 2 minutes.

6. Shift the hands so that the right hand is cupped, facing down, and left hand is cupped, facing up. They should be 4 inches apart, the heart center lying midway between them. Begin breathing deep and relaxed through the nostrils, gathering the breath energy between the palms, sensing it there as a glowing ball of light. Do this for 4 minutes.

Relax into it, smile a bit; you are opening your heart. The interplay of the electromagnetic forces of the body in this meditation will act to relax those tissues in the chest and chest cavity.

7. Press your right palm firmly against the heart center and bring your left arm behind your back so the back of the left hand is pressed on the spine opposite the right palm. Feel the charging polarity thus set up, and begin breath of fire, breathing rapidly and vigorously through the nostrils, using the navel point as a pump. After 2 minutes, inhale deeply and hold as long as is comfortable and exhale. Meditate quietly for a few minutes with your spine straight and your hands in your lap, feeling Divine.

An artist takes great care of his tools, his brushes, his pens - he selects his material, his wood, clay, paper, etc. with close consideration as to what will provide the most responsive medium for his talents. Yet the fundamental tool, the mind, is left wandering, undisciplined, and full of conflicting desires. The mind is largely an unknown factor in the process of creation. It is necessary to be able to tune the mind to the basic life forces within and without, and to be able to relax the mental processes so that the spontaneous creative impulses can come through clearly and honesty.

These exercises will prove useful if they are done regularly whenever you set yourself to be creative. Creative concentration on the practice of these exercise will open the channels through which your own inner creativity can flow.

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