physical body with its mental activities. To those who are capable of getting at the genuine heart, the consciousness will be detached from the physical body and from the mental activities connected with it. The heart will be conscious of the heart itself. This heart also contains its own set of five aggregates, similar to the one we see in dreams. That is, it is not concrete.

Nevertheless, it has a form visible only to the heart. It has feelings and can perform any volitional activities. In other words, it can at least be conscious of contacts. This inner "self" is most difficult for us to part with. Even if we are to leave the physical, external body upon death, we will cling to the inner "self". This means we take our "Aggregates" along to rebirth.

Question 2 When I started out practicing and was not fully concentrated, there were usually mental perceptions of things past lurking here and there. Sometimes various sense-objects passed by and new mental formations arose. So I scolded myself...why did you behave like this? And so on and so forth. Sometimes I even punished myself, blaming myself for my own doing. Then I would be sorry and cry for some time. After getting over, I felt that was not the right thing to do, because at first there was only mental flurries, but later there was anger added. That was not the way to get rid of defilements. It was, however, the way to increase them. So I tried to console myself, and the heart became quite. What's the reason for doing that?

Answer 2 That is a device in the training if each and everyone of us. If we have no gross sense-object and have not been able to perceive any blemish in the heart, we will allow our thoughts to roam about, grope about. We will cherish those thoughts.

The point is, if we do not see the blemishes, we will not abandon them, we will not want to leave them. Only when the blemishes become quite large almost beyond correction, that we begin to see them distinctly. The truth is, if we do not see a blemish of a particular object, we will not be able to leave it. Now this time we see the blemish quite clearly. So, as soon as we see it, we have wisdom. When wisdom arises, the heart releases the object, detaches it and becomes calm indeed. This is the way to train the heart. And we all have the same experience. The various sense-objects are like this.

When sense-objects comes to our heart, it may be light or it may heavy. If we have not come across the heavy one, we will feel happy. However, as soon as the heavy one comes, then it is time for Dhamma. We can catch that object and use it best as an object of contemplation. If we are not able to see Dhamma, we will certainly be pestered by it over and over again, so much so that you had to cry as you related just now. Then we may see Dhamma or the Truth (that is, attachment is suffering.)

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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