Yuga is the Hindu term for an age of time. These ages last thousands of years. Many, many spiritual traditions have had predictions that during the difficult and dark days of the current age, called the Kali Yuga, enlightened teachings would be made widely available and hidden knowledge would be brought into the open.

I have been tasked with bringing the wisdom of the enlightened Tamil Siddhas of India to the world and in particular to the West during this time.

As the first Tamil Siddha to travel to the West, I have been given permission to openly teach secret techniques of the Tamil Siddha enlightenment lineage which have, up to now, been held very closely. These techniques include the use of ancient formulas of Divine sounds that have immense power.

The Tamil Siddhas are native to the southern state of Tamil Nadu. They have been associated with psychokinetic powers and other paranormal phenomena including levitation, flying through the air, clairvoyance, knowledge of the future, the ability to make themselves invisible, and immortality.

The revered Indian mystic Tirumular has defined the Siddhas as those "who have experienced Divine light and Divine power from within and through Yogic Samadhi."

The term Siddha means a person with "miraculous and magical power." The Siddha supreme ideal is freedom, perfect health and immortality. The powers attained are for the purpose of benefiting others, and the true sign of an enlightened being is love and compassion.

It is my mission to open doorways to Light, normally not shared with any but the closest disciples, and to make techniques widely available through mass media and in modern technology forms (books, television, films, CDs, videos, the Internet and other modes of communication) so that all who aspire to greater freedom have an equal opportunity to experience direct blessings from the world of Enlightenment.

It is my earnest desire to instill a renewed sense of hope and faith in all seekers of Light and to share these practical Siddha techniques for peace and prosperity with all receptive, spiritually inclined persons.

This book presents several practical tools for self-improvement that can accelerate both your material progress and your path to spiritual enlightenment. My promise is a "One Minute Guide to Prosperity and Enlightenment," and indeed, there are several tools that take only one minute. There are also additional tools and techniques shared as options for those of you wishing more extensive practices. My goal is not to lead you to a life of renunciation or asceticism, or to have you shun the responsibilities of this world in favor of the spiritual world. 'these practices are not relevant for our contemporary civilization. Destruction of ego does not mean losing the purpose of one's life and becoming a monk or recluse. Unfortunately, this has been the interpretation in practice among most mainstream Indian traditions such as Vedanta and Buddhism.

Both the Vedantians and the Buddhists leave the world and their responsibilities in favor of the other world. True, they kill their ego, but only through denial of a phenomenal existence. It's not a desirable model. In fact, this perception has created extreme poverty consciousness in India, and poverty consciousness among many sincere spiritual seekers worldwide.

There are very important messages in the Bible that come through the life of Jesus. People told Jesus that they would believe him if he could manifest bread for them from heaven just as Moses did. Jesus said that he could do even better and give them eternal life. People couldn't have cared less, and I don't blame them. At the end of the day what matters is that you have bread on your table. Jesus then manifested food for 5,000 people.

When I go around the world giving talks, people ask me if I can manifest a trinket for them like Sai Baba does. I tell them, "No, I can't do it. However, I can manifest a Mercedes-Benz for you, although you may have bad credit and no money for a down payment." I am a spiritual teacher, and a realist, and I can help you spiritually and practically. Both methods are important. Spiritually, I want you to believe that I can help you. How can I help you if you don't believe? You may ask me, "What if I don't have faith?" And I say that you must cultivate faith. It is a positive quality. There are exercises in this book that will help to create faith.

From the several tools and techniques presented in this book, you should select two or three to try out in your own life. The tools are not ordinary human tools. Human devices take too long to manifest. This book contains Divine devices that will restructure your reality. As you use these tools, you must be very clear about your goals and have the resolve to achieve these goals. People do not manifest because they do not remember what they want to manifest. Always stay conscious and fully focused on what you want to manifest. As a spiritual teacher, my goal is to bring you both Prosperity and Enlightenment. Money will not give you Enlightenment, but it will give you a sense of safety and security to pursue a meditational practice.

This hook is dedicated to those spiritual seekers who wish to embrace and embody the Light and Love and Abundance of the Divine, not only in Heaven, but also on earth.

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The Newbies Guide To Meditation

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