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Karma is one's destiny. There is a way out of your karma.

You have created misery through the power of your past actions and thoughts, which is your karma. Karma is the spiritual law of cause and effect. Through good acts you create good karma, and through bad acts you create bad karma. For instance, if you have done good actions in your past lives, this lifetime will bring a life of luxury, good health and happiness. Conversely, bad actions from past lives will create problems, suffering and poverty in this lifetime.

The Nature of Karma

The literal meaning of karma is action. Action in this case needs to be defined not only as an impulse at the physical level, but also an impulse at a subtle or psychological level. Hence, thinking is action.

Thoughts Create Karma

Everything that you think creates vibrations and leaves impressions. The Buddha said that one's whole life consists of one's thoughts. This is the best definition of karma I have ever found. You caused the life that you are now living. You may not like the reality that you have created, but at the moment you created it you thought that this was the best that could be accomplished. That's why you created it. When did you create it? You created it in a number of previous births. The desire to create this reality was so intense that you ended up creating it. Nobody was responsible but you. Why did you do this? You did not know any better at the time you created it.

Your Soul Remembers Karma

How is karma carried from one life to another? How can the thoughts from one lifetime be remembered in the next? Your soul remembers these thoughts and seeks to be born in an environment where these thoughts can be realized. Your soul is just a collection of electrical energy. Through breath awareness, you can access your soul; you can see and understand your future possibilities. Once you recognize the things that are waiting to happen, you can diffuse a lot of desires that are not life supporting, which you have created out of ignorance.

There Is a Way Out of Karma

You may ask, "Is there a way out of my misery or do I have to suffer to my death? If that is what karma means, do I have any hope?" Yes, you do. But it is difficult to make changes in this area. Why is it difficult? Because you are fighting against material reality.

Two Kinds of Reality: Spiritual and Material

Reality is of two kinds. One is a spiritual reality, and another is a material reality. Let me give you an example. There is ice, snow, water, steam-all of which are H20. They are different stages of H2O at different temperatures. When H2O becomes ice, it acquires maximum physicality.

Material Reality Is Difficult to Change

It is very difficult to change the structure of the ice because it has become like a stone, very hard. But when it is snow, it is easy to change. When it is steam, it is easier to change. But now, at this phase, we are living a material life that is comparable to the ice. That's why it is difficult to change.

Change Requires Spiritual Energy

But, remember, I am not saying that it is impossible to change. It is possible to change, but it requires energy to wake up and diffuse your karma. You can diffuse materiality, the material elements that are going to come that you created in your past births.

How to Change Your Destiny

How can you change or diffuse this karma you have created and thus change your destiny? In order to understand how to diffuse karma, you must understand what life is and how karma is related to life. You can challenge karma this very moment by making a very strong decision. The Buddha had a very strong karma to become a king, but he had no interest in playing this part. To be a ruler and wield great power might be of interest to others, but the Buddha wanted no part in this kind of drama. How did the Buddha challenge this karma? He made a decision to quit that life, and he took nothing from that life with him. Kingdom, wife, child, even food or clothing, nothing mattered to him but the search for consciousness. In this way, the Buddha challenged his karma.

You change your destiny by making a decision to change your life and by becoming alert. All you need to do to diffuse your karma is to dispel the spell. You are under a spell. You are like a robot. You are asleep although you say you are in a waking state. You have to become alert to the core. You have to create more energy to diffuse the karma.

With Alertness, You Challenge Your Karma

When you become alert, you begin to challenge reality, challenge karma. When you challenge karma, you are not going to accept things as they are. Every minute you are going to be conscious. At no time are you going to be unconscious. If you are unconscious, you are allowing things to happen. You are causing the karma to manifest. The moment you become alert, you challenge karma. So the way to diffuse karma is to become alert and not allow the robot to continue in the way it is continuing.

Live Life with Consciousness

It requires a tremendous amount of spiritual energy to do things better. You are not going to live life the way you have lived so far. The way you have lived so far is to just live life without consciousness. We love to forget ourselves. We have no consciousness to realize that we are breathing. That's why the Buddha said that, at least for an hour, you should become conscious of your breathing. And he said that while you are doing this exercise, you have to be so conscious that you should not even miss one breath. Because the breath and the mind are related processes. Yet even for five minutes, you cannot put your mind on the breath. If you have successfully become aware of your breath for an hour, that will change your life entirely because by that time you will have created enough energy, enough alertness, to diffuse karma.

Attention Diffuses Karma

Attention will diffuse karma. If you are attentive, things cannot get overlooked. You can stop things by virtue of your own attention. You don't have much attention now. You just allow things to happen. So with attention, you can stop things. This is the law of Nature. Attention means care. Attention and care are synonymous. If you bring more attention, you bring more care. You don't care now. Mike Tyson has great muscles that you and I don't have. Why? Did he care for his muscles? He did. Did you care for your muscles? No. And how did he care for them? His whole life was his muscles. So what you need is care, more attention. When you bring more attention, then you become more alert. Then karma will stop.

Karma stops because you are waking up to a different dimension of existence where you are able to see the karma coming forth, and then the attention burns the karma. This is how you avoid the dangers that are yet to come.

The Need to Meditate

Patanjali, the enlightened Indian yogi who collected the Yoga Sutras, stated why people need to meditate. You have to meditate because you have to avoid the danger that has not yet come. You have created enough dangers for several lifetimes. They are unfolding. This lifetime is not enough to live those events, so you are going to create other lives to enjoy it or suffer it. So what you have to do is just meditate more.

What Is Meditation

To meditate means to think, to think deeply. In Sanskrit, the word for meditation means thinking deeply. So meditation doesn't really mean keeping your eyes closed. Anything that you deeply, deeply think is meditation. Even people who are constantly thinking about something they want to manifest are in meditation.

By Meditating You Create More Awareness

The Buddha sat under the bodhi tree before his enlightenment, and he began to re-live all the karma that he had to pass through, and he emptied it. Then, there was no more karma to emerge. That is why he said that total reality is emptiness. There is nothing out there and, in that emptiness, you are full. Emptiness is not a negative quality. Emptiness is unlimited life in which you are not defined. You are infinite. And that, Buddha said, is the true nature of every human being, to live without karma. That state is produced by awareness.

The Tamil Siddha Tradition

The Tamil Siddha tradition believes in changing life both materially and spiritually. You have to challenge your material reality and change it not for the next life, but right now for this life itself.

To Change Your Destiny, Change the Sounds in Your Consciousness

The mind is a bunch of sounds. This is the model of the Siddhas. And what did they mean by the statement that your mind is a bunch of sounds? Your mind is made up of language. Ninety percent of your mind is language. If you pull out language from the mind, the mind would not exist. Then, what is language? Language is sound-sound and meaning put together. Now, what is sound? Sound is just a bunch of vowels and consonants. If you understand vowels and consonants, you have understood most of your mind. So, if you want to change your mind, change the sounds in your consciousness. Your mind has a sound pattern. Your unconscious has a sound pattern. Change these patterns and you will find yourself manifesting the life of your dreams. By using the mantras presented in this book, you can change your destiny by changing the sounds of your consciousness. Mantra, combined with intention and attention, will create miracles in your life. I could probably write a PhD dissertation on this topic, but it is not necessary now. Ten years ago I would have done it. I am now precise and into Timelessness.

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