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The secret of manifestation is to simply hold the thought of manifestation without interruption from other thoughts. The problem is that it is impossible for most people to hold onto the same thought for an extended period of time. But, this is what the yogis do. They pick up a thought and meditate on it for years. To make the process work and to be without external distractions, they go to the Himalayas. The tools in this book will help you become aware of your thoughts and focus your thoughts.

Manifestation Is Dreaming

Manifestation is just dreaming. There is a very close relationship between getting rich in a dream and getting rich in reality. Both arc dreams. You think that only the dream at night is unreal. But the reality you experience in the waking state is also a dream. When you realize that, you are enlightened. Now, what you might want to consider is how to dream in the waking state reality.

How, you say, can you dream a house or a relationship or a job or whatever you want into your reality? Carlos Castaneda talks about his master who taught him the art of dreaming. His master tells him, "Just start dreaming and dreaming and dreaming to understand a great deal of the secret of the relationship between matter and spirit."

All that you need to do is to live in this dream state, even while you are awake. How? Just remember the dream. You make your cells remember that you are living the dream. Or say you are sitting at a dirty table eating breakfast. You may as well want a nicer table. And then you see a servant bringing your breakfast. You look up and around and you see a magnificent French crystal chandelier on the ceiling and paintings of famous contemporary artists all over the walls. While you eat, you imagine yourself looking out the window and seeing one of your gardeners working on the grounds. So your dream of a mansion begins to take on form. And you begin to live your dream. Learn to substitute the positive dream for the negative dream. This is very important.

Fantasy and Reality Are Not Very Different

The most important thing that the mind has to understand is that fantasy and reality are not very different. When your fantasies gain enough strength to become reality within your own consciousness, there will be no distinction between fantasy and reality. Fantasy is phenomenon that is not yet realized. Reality is a realized fantasy. So you have to make every fantasy of yours become real.

Lack of Forceful Thoughts Leads to Lack of Manifestation

If things do not happen, it is because your thoughts of manifestation lack force. You have to create forceful thoughts that stay longer in your consciousness. Continually think forceful thoughts. Think forceful thoughts over and over and over again for long periods of time. Then those thoughts will become very powerful, and the manifestation will occur sooner.


Use affirmations for the things that you desire to manifest in your life.

> I want the next unconditional moment to be full of creativity.

> I want the next unconditional moment to be full of creativity.

> I want in the next hour to realize my manifestations.

> I want in the next hour to realize my manifestations.

> I want my abundance to come to me without my thinking about it.

> I want my abundance to come to me without my thinking about it. Stop Limited Thinking

For manifestation to occur, you must stop your limited thinking. I give you manifestation tools in this book. However, you have to be committed to authentic desires for these tools to work. Don't put a cap or limitation on your imagination. Any cap you put on your imagination is arbitrary and comes from your own negativity. This negativity you may have picked up through your parents, grandparents, religious conditioning or other sources. So, the first step that you have to do is to remove your limited thinking. Once you have broken the limitation on your imagination, you can go and build a new reality.

Giving the Divine Forces an Opportunity to Work in Your Life

When you remove your misconceptions, you give the Divine forces an opportunity to work. When you say, "I have no money," or other negative statements, you freeze reality. Make provision for things to happen in the NOW Time is an illusion. Don't stop the blessings. They are already available in the NOW. You block the blessings through your own perception. You must conceive of outrageous outcomes. You can have everything in the NOW provided you make a commitment to a different kind of thinking. This is accomplished through the science of spirituality. Spirit is unlimited. It is only matter that is limited. With spirit everything is possible. We have to bring spirituality back into our lives. Being spiritual means being positive, being unlimited, being joyous forever and ever.

Get Out of the "Life Is Suffering" Mindset

Most people have been taught that life is suffering. This is all wrong thinking, wrong teaching. We have to get back to our own original unlimited Self, which is pure unending joy. This will be part of our consciousness in the Age of Miracles. Currently, many people have become specialists in impossibilities. "Forget it, I can't afford it right now. I can't even afford a two-bedroom apartment. How do you think I can buy a house?" The moment you have said this to yourself you will never be able to buy a house, because you are being negative. Somewhere, something has gone deeply wrong within us if we cannot even wish good things for ourselves.

Desire Is Necessary for Manifestation

We cannot wish that we could have a beach house. Why not? Because the logic kicks in, "No, no, there is no money." Money is not needed. What is needed is just the pure desire to have a beautiful beach house. Once the desire is there, then you can manifest it. This is the bottom line. How can you get that desire into your consciousness? That is the key issue. There are spiritual techniques in this book that will change the very core of your consciousness so that you will be able to alter your negativity. Change your life through your own spirituality. Use spiritual principles to enhance your practical life on this earth plane.

Whatever You Put in Your Consciousness Will Manifest

Consciousness is everything. Once you have the consciousness, then you can change anything. Whatever you put in your consciousness will manifest. If you put a junky car in your consciousness, a junky apartment in your consciousness, these will manifest for you. Don't blame God; don't blame your destiny; don't blame your lack of education. Don't blame anyone or anything. If you have to blame someone, blame yourself.

Blaming Other People Is a Cop-Out

To blame someone else is a cop-out. There is nobody else to blame but you. You are the creator of all these dramas. You can create a good drama or a bad drama, but you have to take responsibility for whatever you create. There is never a period in your life that you are a victim. You are never a victim. You can just walk out and say, "Goodbye, I can't take this misery any more. I have just committed myself to happiness, to unending happiness." Then you realize it is in your life. It is very important to understand how powerful you are. Rather than complain to others about being a victim to this situation, realize that you are not a victim. You are the solution, the opportunity.

Make Provision for Things to Happen Immediately

There was a woman I met in Pasadena, California, many years ago. She came to me and said, "Sri Siva, I want to buy a house next year." I said, "Why do you want to buy it next year?" She said, "It is because of practical concerns." She explained that she had just gotten a job and needed to save up money for a down payment.

In her mind, by next year she would have money saved up to be able to buy a house. However, this woman could have decided to buy a house even before one year was up. She was not giving opportunity to other forces beyond her control to work in her favor. Think about this. You may lose your job within a year. Then you may not be able to buy the house at all. I am not saying that you should not plan. Everyone should plan. But you should also make provision for things to happen momentarily because time is an illusion. You should plan to have it NOW When you decide not to buy a house sooner, you are not allowing things to happen in the NOW You are stopping the timeless blessings. Unfortunately, the mind wants to proceed in logical sequences. It does not want to go to the end result right at the beginning.

I have come here to this earth plane in order to promote outrageous thinking. I have come here to give you thinking outside of time. I have come here to tell you how you can have everything in an hour, provided you make a commitment to a different kind of thinking.

Waiting Is a Waste of Time

Waiting is a waste of time. Just get this idea into your consciousness. We don't want to wait. We want it right now. The moment you make the decision, "I want it now," you will begin creating what you ask for.

Manifestation in the NOW

In God's consciousness the thought and its object exist in blissful union. God switches back and forth between thought and object with utmost ease. God manifests things as soon as the thought comes into His mind. This is called manifestation in the NOW. It is a simple and joyful process. For human beings, manifestation of desired objects is a complex process, which does not happen in the NOW. We need to create an action and wait until it is complete to manifest things. For instance, if we need money we first need to create a job or business to generate income, or we have to borrow from someone. However, the requirement of an action to manifest material reality appears to be redundant.

Who Is God?

Who is God? Where does God live? How can we learn this technique? God lives within you as the non-ego consciousness, without any identity whatsoever. We can learn God's consciousness if we can get rid of our ego-self. We need innocence and purity of heart. We need to be utterly simple and honest. With that, manifestation becomes easy.

The NOW of God

Human beings are unable to conceive of the NOW of God, which is also the Eternal Now. This is because human consciousness believes and lives in linear reality-a past, present and future that are spread out in a line on the earth plane in a time-space continuum.

We love the drama of life, which consists of love and longing, and success and failure. The Truth about Time, however, is that everything is in the NOW You don't need to wait until the future to manifest things-you can manifest right NOW Nevertheless, you don't want to manifest NOW because you are afraid and unsure of many things.

Why You Do Not Manifest NOW

This checklist will help you to identify the problems:

> Afraid of success because of its newness and unfamiliarity

> Satisfied with the current state of affairs and do not want to venture into something new

> Afraid of hurting others

> Skeptical of success

> Lazy and lack motivation

> Lack the resources

> Lack the qualifications Overcoming Delays to Your Manifestation

You might want to go over and over the checklist to identify your problems. Maybe none of these categories describe your situation very well. This will, however, help you look at yourself more closely. Write down what you think are the problems that delay manifestation for you. Sincerely pray to have these problems dissolved. Praying like that is like putting your request into a microwave to get resolved faster. Ask yourself the question every hour or two during the day, "Why am I not manifesting NOW?" Keep a journal and review it on a weekly basis.

The Importance of Belief in God

There are people who attend my lectures, purchase my CI)s and try the mantras I teach, and then they ask why things are still not working. Why is God not responding to you? It is because you don't believe in God. You may say to yourself that you believe in God. But the truth is, you believe only in your ego and in the world. You either think about yourself, which is your ego-self, or about the world. God has not been the priority in this Dark Age. That's why there is so much suffering and agony.

Your Consciousness Is Defined by the People around You

If you are around people who give out affluent, healthy, positive vibrations, then your mind will keep company with those thoughts. On the other hand, if you are with people who produce skeptical, negative thoughts, then you will fall victim to these thought processes. It is very important to be around people who are positive and harmonious.

For Manifestation, Nothing Is Greater than God's Name

Jesus said frequently, "Believe in me, and my name can do everything for you." Let us be honest. How many people really believe in the name of Jesus and its ability to accomplish things for them? You may say, "I have prayed in Jesus' name many times, but nothing has happened."

All that I can tell you is that there is nothing greater than God's name. But you must believe whole-heartedly and be emotionally able to relate to the Divine name that you call on for help.

For instance, if you arc a devout Christian, you may not be able to call on Allah, Buddha or Shiva. Yet, I have been able to perform miracles in the lives of individuals of many different faiths who trusted me totally. Then there are others who claim that they are following me, but they are only following themselves. Jesus said, "Love me," but how many people really do love Jesus?

Spiritual Surrender Is the Key to Power and Manifestation

Another question many people ask me is, "Isn't surrender becoming powerless?" To be honest, this is a question that all spiritual aspirants ask at some point. The answer is, "No." In fact, true spiritual surrender is a powerful state. What you surrender is your limited ego to the Higher Self or God. This allows for higher intelligence to guide your life. When you give away your ego, you are giving away something that doesn't really belong to you.

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