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While other practices require some specialized environment, such as an Ashram or Monastic setting, or specialized dietary controls, with a focus on one or another yoga, the practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan comprises many yogas focused on the unified development of the Whole man within a lifestyle that is oriented towards living within society and community.

This Yoga consists of a very precise, powerful and scientifically defined group of (holistic) practices oriented toward the charging of the various centers along the silver and gold cord to effect their secretions and purify the channels and systems, generate a strong electromagnetic field in the heart with a building upward flowing stream of energy, combined with the practice of the locks, such that very quickly the field comes into balance, the prana builds under pressure, triggering the Kundalini movement into the spinal cord and up into the brain. This experience is then built on and expanded through many types of meditations and spiritual instruction.

"Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, consists of exercises or postures (Asanas) with special breathing (Pranayama), hand and finger gestures (Mudras), body locks (Bhandas), chanting (Mantras) and meditation, together or in sequence to create exact, specific effects.

"Exercises, in combination with one or more other components, are performed in groups or Kriyas, whose total impact is greater than the sum of the parts.

"Yoga of Yogi Bhajan, although more powerful than other schools of yoga, shares their same ultimate aim - union with the Universal, Divine Source."

A technical issue of how yoga sets are performed provides a view on the effectiveness of this yoga practice, as follows:

The basic sets are made up of the combinations of breathing and postures, locks and kriyas, which may represent as few (4 or 5 or more) different kriyas in a set involving a session lasting from 45 minutes to one hour. The set is generally oriented toward a specific area, where the combination of breathing and posture (asana) or movement from one posture to another creates a pressure in the intended area that in itself or in combination with the breathing generates a cleansing and charging of that area.

To realize the full effect of a specific kriya involves a minimal of 3 to 5 minutes for the charge to take hold and cause the nerves to carry a charges and glands to secrete. Immediately after each kriya, the person is resting in corps pose (lying on their backs) or some other pose conducive to the flow of energy to a specified area. This relaxation, watching the prana flow, will also be for 3 to 5 minutes in order for the secretion of the glands to fully circulate to all other centers and effect their intercommunication and balancing. It also gives the chance for the sexual fluids to enter the blood stream and accumulate around the nerves that have been induced to carry a charge.

The entire set concludes with a longer period of relaxation and watching through the field of the body of maybe up to 15 minutes, after which several wake up movements are made followed by certain short breathing exercises that charge the magnetic field. This last part is like shutting off one's computer then rebooting in order that programs one has (re)installed may take full effect in the system. The final aspect may include some now very effective meditation ("Strike while the iron is hot") that may bring the session to longer than an hour.

What happens, through lesser and more sophisticated sets, Kriyas and meditations, is that every day a different area is focused on that is induced to carry a charge, while the accumulated pranic development is always circulated through the whole system and built up throughout the magnetic field. Gradually, and in a matter of weeks, the body and mind go through a profound biological, physiological and spiritual transformation towards overall electromagnetic and etheric balance.

All this is combined with the devotion to God and the inner quest for Self-Realization, with the view of Man as a Whole Unified Being, grounded in their Sat Nam (True Name - "I AM")

The speed and effectiveness of this yoga practiced to systematically charge each of the body's centers in balance with the rest of the centers and build the upward streaming flow of prana centered around a dynamo of electromagnetic energy in and around the heart, and circulating this pranic charge around the body is such that when the Truth is heard, there is a sudden and spontaneous inward churning of the nerves like a powerful gravitational field that causes the Atma nadi to pulsate "I" as "I" while withdrawing the sense of "I" as the basis for an identity to images and impressions of the mind, including the idea that "I am the body." The idea of being the doer, or concepts that some condition or practice or location will maintain or effect the state of abiding singly in Self is replaced by a silent impalpable sensation and an occasional word, full of meaning, that rises into consciousness: "uncaused unconditioned no time no space "

One abides as the Singularity of the Heart, as the True Man and True Woman, fulfilling the prophecies of all the Religions of this possibility and eventuality, (as One with Brahman, the Father, Siri Wha Guru, Allah)

Kundalini Yoga and Drugs

In the early years ('69-'75), when Yogi Bhajan came to the USA, there were many people that were having spiritual, mystical and psychic experiences with no one to really explain to them what was happening. Because Yogi Bhajan as Master of Kundalini Yoga, was able to explain precisely what was happening and what course to follow in order to advance, many people migrated to Los Angeles to met with him.

Many of these people's experienced derived from the taking of psychedelics, such as psilocybin (mushrooms), LSD, mescaline, peyote, and other synthetic drugs, as well as others that had been taking more addictive drugs, such as cocaine, heroin and others, including various medically prescribed and abused "Uppers" and "Downers" (amphetamines and barbiturates) that predominated the scene in those days.

As a result of taking psychedelics, many people were experiencing somewhat out of phase / disjointed views of reality, where, for example, the certain nerves related to nerve groupings would fire constantly, even after the drugs had worn off. In order to being the system and body field quickly back into balance, Yogi Bhajan began to teach more powerful Kundalini Yoga Kriyas. The purpose was to effect a complete opening a center, such that it could close down normally and, thereafter, gradually bring the overall pranic charge back up in a balanced manner within the field.

As time went on, it became clear that these practices were also effective in reducing addictions and bringing about an overall physiological and psychological recovery for a number of addicting drugs as well, such that Yogi Bhajan developed programs that could be managed in a number of the larger 3 HO Kundalini Yoga Centers in Washington DC, Tucson and others. The effectiveness of these programs, including the very rapid reduction of addiction to heroin and the much more addictive methadone proved to be the leading recovery program in the US at that time. These programs included yoga practice, diet, herbs and the overall 3HO atmosphere.

One of the most insidious drugs that Yogi Bhajan warned against was the use of marijuana, hashish, HTC. This is because the effect of marijuana is to charge the brain area with some sense of euphoria, but the mechanism in the body that pumps the sexual fluids into the bloodstream, so that the effected nerves and brain cells can carry that charge, is inhibited by the drug. Thus, the result of ingesting or smoking the drug was that over time, as the charge to the brain was not supported by the flow of sexual fluids through the blood steam to those areas, the brain would progressively burn out. Initially, the memory would suffer and gradually the effect would move forward to the frontal lobs of the brain converting the drug user to a vegetable. As this was a widespread phenomenon in India and other areas, where the seemingly meditative sadhu, oblivious to the world, was in fact completely vegetative, it was a matter that about which Yogi Bhajan was very adamant.

Naturally, as the as the entire purification and charging and balancing of the field depends on the free flow of the sexual fluids and the effectiveness of the pumping mechanism of those fluids into the bloodstream, versus their disputation, for the yoga to be effective (any yoga) the use of drugs that directly inhibit the flow and movement of the sexual fluids at all was self defeating, and to take other drugs that would create imbalances in the various centers throughout the field was also counter productive to the natural and much more effulgent experience of the emergence of the Whole Man.

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