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1. Grab the edge of a sink and, using it for support, walk your feet backwards until you are holding your body at a 45 degree slope from heels to head. You will feel a stretch in your hamstrings. Begin raising and lowering alternate heels, walking in place without lifting the toes off the ground. Your arms and legs are fully extended and the body bends slightly in the middle. As you walk, you may lower your head, it does not have to be held up. Walk vigorously and work up a sweat. 11 minutes.

2. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and extend your arms above your head with the palms facing forward, the elbows slightly bent, and the fingers spread wide apart. Swing your arms from side to side, keeping the hands above shoulder level. The momentum of the arm swing will cause the hips to swing if you are doing the movement with enough force. Continue 11 minutes.

3. Once again grab the edge of the sink. Bend at the waist with your head down between your arms. You will feel a stretch in your lower back and in the backs of your legs. Relax and stretch for 11 minutes


This set is to be done at the bathroom sink or someplace where you have a bar or a support to hold on to.

This set keeps one absolutely healthy keeps the metabolism moving for the day, and keeps one in shape. - Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga for flexibility and the spine KY kriyas (From Sadhana Guidelines)

Sadhana Guidelines

1) Archer Pose: Stand with the right leg bent for is over the toes. The left leg is straight back with the ground, at a 45 degrees angle to the front fo( arm straight in front, parallel to the ground and m grasping a bow. Pull the left arm back as if pulli back to the shoulder. Feel a tension across the ch forward and fix the eyes above the fist to the hor position 3 to 5 minutes, then switch legs and arm

2) Immediately lie on the back. Put the heels tog both legs two feet from the ground. Hold the pos minutes with long deep breathing.

3) Locust pose: Lie down on the stomach. Make hands and put them on the lower abdomen insid bones near the groin. Keeping the heels together straight, lift them up as high as possible and hold 3 minutes.

4) Bow pose: Still on the stomach, reach back ai the ankles. Arch the back up from the ground an pulling the ankles. Hold the position for 2 to 3 m

Kids Yoga Stand Straight

5) Stand up straight and spread the legs two feet right hand to the floor in front of the left foot. T pointing back. Switch sides and continue this alt with long breaths. On the inhale, rise up comple exhale touch the toe. Repeat 25 times on each si

6) Stand up with the legs 6 inches apart. Bend forws palms flat on the ground and exhale (6A). Inhale anc backwards with the arms over the head (6B). Contin

Bend Your Legs

7) Stand with the legs 6 inches apart. Bend sideways arm over the head. Alternate smoothly from side to s and exhaling up. Do not let the body bend forward o Continue 25 times on each side.

8) Sit down and extend the legs out in front, spreadii Grab the big toe of each foot by locking the forefinge and the thumb pressing the toenail. Keeping a firm c inhale and arch the spine up straight. Exhale and toi right knee. Inhale to the original position, and exhale knee. Continue to alternate knee touches 25 times c Inhale, hold the breath and exhale.

9) In this same sitting position, bring the legs togethe onto the toes. Inhale and arch up, exhale and pull th the knees. Continue this pumping motion 25 times.

10) Plow pose: Lie flat on the back. Slowly raise the until they touch the floor. The arms should be over tl towards the toes. Keep the knees straight and point the head, stretching the heels back. Relax in this po; minutes. Slowly lower the legs back down to the gro

11) Shoulder stand: Come into this position by raisin up towards the ceiling (llA). Support the spine perpe ground with the hands. Let most of the weight be on this position for 3 to 5 minutes.

Then bring the legs down in back of the head as in p spread the legs wide apart (11B). Slowly go from thi shoulder stand 4 times. Lower the legs and spine an

Yoga Plow Position

12) Come into plow pose with the arms along the gri spine (12A). Alternate from plow pose to lying flat or Continue 50 complete times. The hands may be use and back. Relax for 3 minutes.

Rejuvenation Yoga

14) Immediately bend forward in gurpranam: Place t ground and stretch the arms overhead, keeping the Meditate at the brow point by silently projecting the [ Ta Na Ma." Continue for 31 minutes.

Kundalini Crow Pose

15) Sit in rock pose. Inhale and raise both arms ovei the backs of the hands together (15A). Exhale and l< letting just the fingertips touch the floor (15B). Contin 5 minutes.

One Knee Touch Floor
16) Stand up and extend the arms straight forward [ ground (16A). Begin 25 deep knee bends into crow spine straight and the feet flat (16B).
17) Cat-Cow: Rest on the hands and knees. Arch the raise the head with the inhale (17 A). With the exhal and lower the head (17B). Continue for 5 minutes.

18) Deeply relax for 15 to 30 minutes on the back. C a blanket to keep from getting cold.


This set is an example of a series which would not be given in a normal Kundalini yoga class. It is for students who moderate degree of flexibility and coordination in regular classes and sadhana and who want to eject residual pois> from the muscle tissue. If the set is done every morning for six months, it adjusts the spine so well that many future will be unnecessary. Before attempting this set under guidance, be sure you have no major physical problem that w from doing any of the exercises.

Unlike most Kundalini yoga kriyas, you do not take a 2-3 minute rest between each exercise unless it is explicitly st be adapted to a regular class by keeping the time of the exercises to 1-2 minutes and by adding rest periods betwe

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