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1. Sitting in easy pose stretch your arms straight out to the sides with the palms facing upward. Make sure the elbows feel the stretch. Bring your arms up as if you were going to clap your hands over your head, but do not let the hands touch. Lower your arms to the starting position and continue. Open your mouth and roll your tongue, sticking it out slightly. Breathe heavily through the rolled tongue. Inhale as you bring your arms up, exhale as you lower your arms. 6 Minutes.

2. Grab your shoulders with your fingertips and twist left and right. Breathe through the rolled tongue. Inhale as you twist left, exhale as you twist right. 2 Minutes.

3. Sit in easy pose or lotus pose, grab your knees with both hands and roll back ward on your spine. Roll back up into a sitting position and bend forward bringing your forehead to the floor. Rise back up and once again roll backward on your spine. Continue. Breathe through the rolled tongue. Inhale as you roll back, exhale as you roll forward. 3 Minutes.

4. Stretch your arms up and out, making a "v". The palms are up as if receiving a blessing from heaven. Focus at the brow point and breathe slowly and deeply through the rolled tongue. 4 Minutes.

5. With the arms stretched out straight to the sides, raise the arms up to forty-five degrees with the palms facing upward.

Then turn the palms downward and lower the arms to the starting position. Breathe slowly and deeply through the rolled tongue. Continue this movement for 1-1/2 Minutes.

6. Lie down in baby pose and relax. 4 Minutes.

7. Sit on your heels with your hands on your thighs and lean backwards to sixty degrees. Stretch your stomach. Keep your chin in and chest out. 1 Minute.

Lean forward sixty degrees. 1 Minute.

Lean backward sixty degrees. 2 Minutes

8. Stay sitting on your heels with your hands crossed at your heart center and meditate on Sangeet Kaur's Naad, The Blessing. 3 Minutes. Remain in the position and sing from your heart center. 7 Minutes.

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