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1. Sit in Easy Pose. Place the right palm on the ground about 6 inches from the body (lA). Extend the left arm to the side, parallel to the ground, and bend the elbow so the palm faces the head (lB). First slap the ground firmly with the right palm 8 times chanting Har with each slap. Then begin sharp powerful motions with the left palm as if to slap the cheek but stop about an inch before contact. Move the left palm in and back out 8

Release Kundalini

times chanting Hari with each slapping movement. Continue alternating between the two hands for 3 minutes.

Note: The left arm position is held very firmly and the slapping motion should be done so powerfully that the cheek would be bruised if the palm actually made contact. This motion affects meridian points on the left arm which reconstitute the heart muscles.

2. Remain in Easy Pose and repeat the previous sequence of motions with both hands simultaneously. First slap the ground with both hands 8 times chanting Har (2A), then with both hands strike towards the cheeks 8 times chanting Hari (2B). Continue for 5 minutes.

Full Lotus Pose

3. Remain in Easy Pose. Make the hands into fists and extend the arms back and 45° below parallel (3A).

Maintaining great tension in the arms bring the left fist in toward the chest, stop just before contact (3B), then extend the arm back to its original position. Now rapidly repeat the motion with the right arm. Continue alternating rapidly, about once per second, for 4 minutes.

4. Lie on the back. Make the hands into fists and begin powerful punching motions straight up toward the sky (4A),

then lower the hands and tap the sides of the sternum with the fingertips (4B). Move powerfully, alternating between the punching and tapping motions for 4 minutes.

5. Remain on the back. Raise the heels six inches off the ground and punch the sky as in Exercise 4A. Continue for 4 minutes. Practice of this exercise strengthens the intuitive mind.

6. Relax on the back as you listen to beautiful, uplifting music to carry you into a state of deep relaxation. Completely relax and go to sleep. (Musical Variation: Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru by Sangeet Kaur.)


To become a warrior of great courage. Do each exercise in this series regularly and wholeheartedly, moving with great tension and power as in the practice of a martial art. This endeavor will strengthen the heart and release deep-seated stress. It is designed to "give you the chance to relax and be you." It builds within you a victorious personality with "courage in you, no matter what!" - Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga for strengthening the aura KYkriyas (From Sadhana Guidelines)

1. Stand up. Bend forward so the palms are on the ground and the body forms a triangle. Raise the right leg up with the knee straight. Exhale bend the arms and bring the head near the ground. Inhale raise up to the original triangle pose. Continue this triangle push for 1 V2 minutes. Switch legs and continue for another 1 V2 minutes.

2. Sit in easy pose. Extend the left hand forward as if grasping a pole so the palm faces to the right. Put the right palm facing down crossed under the left wrist (2A). Raise the right hand up over the back the left hand so both palms face right and the fingers lock (2B). Inhale - raise the arms to 60° (2C), Exhale - bring the arms down. Keep the elbows straight. Breathe deeply for 2 to 3 minutes. Then inhale - stretch the arms up (2D). Relax.

3. Put both arms forward, parallel to the ground with palms facing each other about 6 inches apart. As you inhale, let the arms drop back and stretch toward each other. Exhale bring them forward to the original position. Continue 3 minutes with deep rhythmic breaths.


This is a great kriya for keeping disease away and developing your aura. The time can be built up to 7^2 minutes for each side in Exercise 1, and 15 minutes each for Exercises 2 and 3. That will create a tremendous sweat. It will rid almost any digestive problem. It gives strength to the arms and it extends the power of protection and projection in the personality.

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