Kundalini Yoga Varuyas Kriya KY kriyas from Sadhana Guidelines

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Stand up straight. Put the right foot slightly forward. Stretch the left leg far backward. Put the top of the toes of the left foot on the ground. Extend the arms forward parallel to the ground. Put the palms together. Tilt the spine slightly forward of the vertical position. Fix the eyes on the horizon or at the brow point.

Take a deep breath, then begin a rhythmic chant of "Sat Nam". Emphasize the sound "Sat" as you pull the navel point in and apply a light mul bhand. Continue for 1-1/2 minutes. Then inhale. Relax.

Switch and place the left leg forward. Repeat the exercise for an equal period of time. COMMENTS:

Kundalini Yoga Exercise

This kriya will make you sweat if you do it properly. You may also notice a burning sensation in the cheeks. The time of practice can slowly be increased to 7-1/2 minutes on each side. The practice and perfection of this kriya is said to open the pituitary secretion, regulate excessive sexual energy, and increase general immunity to disease. It tests the nerve strength and rebalances the magnetic field of the body. If you don. 't want to be shaky when you are older, this is an excellent practice to start when you are young. Besides practicing this kriya by itself, it is enjoyable to do it after completing a long series of exercises that have worked on flexibility and circulation. The kriya helps transform the "vital juice," the ojas, into a form usable in maintaining your entire nervous system.

Kundalini Yoga for lower spine and elimination KY kriyas (From Sadhana Guidelines)

Front Bend Kundalini Yoga

1) Sit up straight with the legs stretched out. Bring the left leg under the buttocks so you sit on the left heel. Place both hands palms down next to the hips. Inhale deeply. As you exhale bend forward. Inhale -raise up. Continue for 2 minutes.

2) Do the same as in Exercise 1 but keep both legs extended straight forward. Continue for 2 minutes.

3) Lie down on the back. Inhale deeply. As you exhale, sit up, grasp the toes, and bend forward. Inhale and lie down again. Mentally vibrate "Sat" on the inhale, "Nam" on the exhale. Continue with deep breaths for 2

Positions VibrateKundalini Yoga


4) Lie on the back. Raise the legs slowly up until the feet touch the ground over the head. This is plow pose. Let the legs back down. Sit up and grasp the toes. Continue alternating between plow pose and the forward stretching smoothly and continuously for 2 minutes.

5) Lie on the back. Bring the knees onto the chest and press them close with your hands. Extend the legs straight on the ground. Sit up and grasp the toes. Continue this cycle rhythmically for 2 minutes.

6) Bend forward and grasp the toes with the legs out straight. Do not let go of the toes as you roll back on your spine until you are in plow pose. Roll back and forth without letting go of the toes. Continue for 2 minutes.

7) Relax completely.


The first, second and third chakras associated with the rectum, sex organs and navel point are thoroughly exercised in this kriya. It gives flexibility of the spine and improves the power of digestion and elimination of waste and toxins.

Kundalini Yoga Maha Mudra Kunchun Mudra(Kunchun Mudra) KY kriyas

Front Bends Kundalini Yoga

Sit in easy pose. Both hands in gyan mudra. De left lowerarm is in front of the chest en parallel to the floor, the palm of the hand facing down. The right upperarm is sideways, with the lowerarm vertical on the floor, the elbow sharply bent. The palm of the right hand is facing up and near the ear and stretched backwards as far as possible. Stretch out your back. Breath in, pull up the muscles of the buttocs, hips and sides. Lift the upperbody until their's no weight left on the buttocs. Pull in the belly and lift up the ribs and the diaphragm, widen the chest, pull in the chin, hold this position for 30 seconds and relax. Continue this exercise for 5 minutes, than breath in, breath out and relax. Tighten everything again and lift up the chest and chant with the tip of the tongue 'Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio'. Stay in this position keeping the upperbody lifted up. The eyes will feel heavy and the breathing will become very light. It is important to do this mudra very precise. Continue with this part for 5 minutes, than breath in, breath out and relax.

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Lessons In Gnani Yoga The Yoga Of Wisdom

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