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The universe as a macrocosm and body (causal, subtle, gross) as a microcosm are made of light and sound. This light and sound appears on the infinite self effulgent screen of Being Consciousness, a force of pure energy intelligence we call God, Brahman, Nirvana, Parbrahm-Akal, unstruck sound, Kundalini, and so on. We denote the universe by the word existence and we denote the body by the word "I," but these 2 are one, undifferentiated, unconditioned, beyond time and space, prior to and the substratum of all images and sounds.

Words have 2 aspects: The vibratory sound and intelligence or meaning.

The purpose of yoga is to isolate the seer, to bring the sense of awareness of our identity to a stage that it recognizes that the since of "I" in the body alone is the True Self - the Atman, and in recognizing or "hearing" this Truth, recollects and abides singly as That.

This recollection, manifests in the body as a Singularity in the heart that pulsates "I as I" in the heart, a nerve (atma nadi, para nadi, amrita nadi) between the heart (Hrdayam) and brain (Sahasrara) and outshines the body and universe entirely. It is an experience that can be felt with extremely solid clarity as the Truth (SAT) of ones identity (NAM).

But while this Truth as an archetypal force manifesting in the body draws us to seek and understand God, to build Temples and Churches, to listen to over and over in many ways the words of Saints, Sages and Saviors, it is not heard.

Nevertheless, the power within the words of these Saints and Saviors is so great that if heard the force of the Singularity manifests and we abide as Truth.

The inherent tendencies we are born with give us a predisposition to interpret the images appearing in the mind, so that we begin to make "takes" or impressions that store themselves in the brain and throughout the nerve pathways of the body, the organs, glands and cells, like a chemical-electric / atomic encoding that becomes encrypted in the groupings of nerves, glands and organs, which then emit a vibratory frequency that acts like a lens through which we both interpret, judge and imagine the world (exterior/interior) to be, and, therefore, project a vision of this imagined reality on the undifferentiated screen of existence. This encoding of images and impressions becomes what we call "I" our self.

The science of Kundalini Yoga has developed a technology of asanas (postures), movements, mudras (gestures) and bhandas (energy locks) that combined with pranayama (specialized breathing techniques) and mantra (sacred sound), bring about a greater flow of prana (intelligent energy / light) into all the nerves, glands and organs, such that the firing of energy along certain encoded nerve pathways and within the cells begins to fill and envelop all the nerves and cells of the chakras (lenses). As one practices these various types of Kundalini Yoga sets, the sense of awareness of ones identity begins to shift from the previous encoding to a more complete, balanced and pervasive vision of self as being a consciousness. With the dawning of the recognition of one's identity as a consciousness, it becomes possible to finally begin to "hear" the Truth and singly abide as That.

The actual evolution of this yoga science and technology to effect this expansion of the awareness of one's identity is actually more of an involution. Certain people, we call Saviors or Sat Gurus have been asked from time to time to provide methods to purify the body (gross, subtle and causal) so that the power of their word can be heard.

In our own minds we can hear the encoding of our identity by a kind of a backdrop of "self-talk" or continuous stream of thoughts and related emotional triggers firing throughout the body that relate to our sense of identity - a continuous flow of a kind of positive and negative reinforcement.

To counter this, as the Sat Gurus began to teach the methods and techniques, naturally, they used their sacred words as a new backdrop of repetitive sounds filled with for intelligent force of Truth to assist in the dissolution of the body's encoding of images and impressions, so that these begin to give way to a new encoding that is pervasive and directly linked to the unstruck sound of the pulsation of the "I as I" that is the substratum of all light and sound.

Over the millennium, the Saviors have brought forth again and again their science of the soul we call yoga, those techniques and methods through which the individual "I" can recollect its truth and dwell as the Single All-Pervasive Self, as Light Itself. But again and again, due to cataclysms of the planet, disease and pestilence, war and destruction, circumstances or the time and personal, these methods become disbursed and scattered with certain aspects retained by one and another student, and even then the their meaning ad specific technique that can bring about the right effect is lost.

The technology of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, was brought about by a systematic effort to gather up the teachings from many sources and recompile them as a whole that instead of being retaught in secret, has now been taught openly ad available to everyone. Where formerly the secret teachings were imparted to those worthy by birth or by passing ardent tests, the only test given now is that anyone that starts along the path simply keeps up.

The transformative effect of the practice is felt very rapidly, and the change in consciousness and yoking or linking of the sense of awareness of one's identity (ones "I") to the substratum of being and light that pervades the universe is so clear that for some time one can hardly believe one's luck at having groped ones way in the dark and fallen over and discovered a means to come to Light.

The technology or yoga techniques are very specific in their effect, when practiced properly. One can make a comparison to the formulas that were intuited by great mathematicians of the past in algebra and calculus, that we can all simply reapply at any time to come to the right answer without any intuition at all. So to the Sat Guru senses the flow of prana and intuits those postures, movements, gestures, breathing and appropriate sound vibration that bring about the spontaneous purification of the body's lenses (chakras). And as we begin to practice the sets of Kundalini Yoga exercises, we discover that we also begin to awaken to the pranic intuition of the yoga exercises as we feel their pervasive pranic effects and related intuitive force of intelligence behind them.

While there is effect to the sound of the Guru's word, once the body systems are tuned up, which is to say pranicly charged, the sound and its meaning reverberate throughout the body and in the process cause a disengagement of the old sounds that had imbedded themselves in the nervous system, limiting our sense of identity. The encoding of these new sounds and their inherent deep meaning begin to take hold and one begins to feel, experience and hear the Truth of one's identity, embedded in the words of the Sat Gurus (Saviors), from whichever religion.

The practice of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is simply a means through which the body/mind can be brought systematically to a level of purity that the conscious light of our being begins to outshine the previous encoding, like turning up the light in a projector as it passes through the film moving from reel to reel frame by frame onto the screen of our existence, until we suddenly recognize that our inner light is the same as the screen of Life, and we abide as That timeless self essence.

Hope to see you in more classes.

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