More Yoga For Young People


1. Four Corner Lotus to adjust the navel: lying on your back, raise your arms and legs off the ground. Spread all four limbs wide open and stretch. You will be balancing on your lower back. 1 minute.

2. Sit in Baby Pose and from there rise up into Camel Pose. Stay in

Camel pose and chant "Har Har Har Har Gobinde" loudly with the tape by Nirinjan Kaur and Guru Prem. 2-3 minutes.

3. Meditation to develop unconquerable spirit:

Sit in Easy Pose, with the hands in Prayer Pose at the center of the chest. The thumbs are locked. Sit with a straight spine, the lower back is lifted and stretched slightly. Close your eyes and look at the tip of your nose through the closed eyelids. Chant along with Bhai Avtar Singh and Bhai Gurucharan Singh's tape of "Jai Te Gang" pulling the navel point in with each repetition of the word "Jai". Continue 3 to 62 minutes.

If you can perfect Camel Pose in childhood, in old age you will have no extra fat on the body. To perfect this posture means that you can stay in it for 31 minutes. Start with two to three minutes then slowly and gradually increase the time.

If you know "Jai Te Gang" perfectly by heart and can meditate on it at your navel point, nobody can conquer you: no enemy, no friend, no god, no demon, no angel, nobody.

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