1. Sit in easy pose and lock your hands over your head in Venus Lock.

Circle your midsection (grind your digestive area) counter-clockwise and circle your hands and arms in the opposite direction. Move strongly. 4 Minutes. This is good for stomach and elimination, adjusts the spine, and balances your energy.

2. Stretch your legs forward. Place your hands on the ground slightly behind you for balance. Raise both legs up and down with breath of fire. Time the motion with the breath. After 1 Minute, switch to long, deep breathing but continue the leg lifts. Control your movements so that the feet don't make noise when they touch the ground. 2 1/2 Minutes.

You cannot grow old if you do this exercise for 31 minutes a day. You are balancing prana and apana by your own power. It is also good for strengthening the lower back.

3. Come into cobra pose. While in cobra pose, lift your hands off the ground, clap them together and return them to the ground. Use the strength of your spine to keep your upper body in position when your hands are off the ground. 2 Minutes.

4. Lie on your back and do alternate leg lifts up to 90 degrees. After one minute, chant "Sa" as you lift one leg, "Ta" as you lift the other, "Na" as you lift the first leg, and "Ma" as you lift the other. Continue 2 Minutes.

Three minutes of baby pose adjusts the gases in the body and intestines. Many diseases come from imbalances caused by misplacements of the gross and subtle airs of the body. The subtle airs are called vayus. Adjusting all these airs prevents many ailments of old age.

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