Putting Money into the Hands of the Spiritual People

To run away from the world is to run away from God.

We are living on the threshold of a New Age in which there will be a paradigm shift. I predict that within just a few years, money and power are going to be in the hands of the spiritual community.

Spiritual People Shy Away from Money

In general, spiritual people shy away from money. This is an historic truth. Examine the following statement from the Bible, "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." You go to church/temple/mosque and all of a sudden you become very grave. You seem to think that God might love long faces, because your concept of God is that He is a killjoy and a peeping Tom. It is time that spiritual people change their negative attitude towards money and material life.

I Am Committed to Putting Money and Power into the Hands of Spiritual People

Currently, most of the money is in the hands of people who are totally unconscious. Most rich people are self-centered, egocentric and want to grow richer and richer at any cost. They don't even realize that they have more money than they could possibly spend in this lifetime. They have no sympathy for the three billion human beings who go to bed hungry. There is no willingness to share their wealth. Conversely, the poor and the spiritual people want to share whatever they have with those who are in need. Unfortunately, because these people don't have money, their sympathy has very little impact.

Spiritual People Need to Become More Active, Not Otherworldly

Fundamentally, spiritual people should come out of the closet and become more active. It is important for them to understand that if you meditate for longer hours and spend a lot of time reflecting on God, over a period of time you will become otherworldly. In some cases, it may even create depression and a lack of interest in being active.

Spiritual People Must Remain Grounded

It is important that all spiritual people do something to remain grounded. You can practice a martial art or some other form of physical exercise that will keep you alert.

Some Tips to Radically Change Your Mind

Perhaps you have been a monk or ascetic for many lifetimes. In those lifetimes, your priority had only been God. You rejected relationships, worldly pleasures, politics, and other activities in favor of a reclusive and ascetic life. These strong memories from past lives should be erased. I have dedicated a meditation for this problem that you will find in this book. It is called "The Karma-Busting Mantra."

The World Is the Creation of God

It is important to get rid of the concepts that this world is an illusion and that it is important to only focus attention on God rather than the world. You must realize that the world with all its complexity and silliness is still the creation of God. When you are having a good meal, enjoying beautiful music, communing with Nature, know that you are connecting with God. To run away from the world is to run away from God.

Power and Money Must Change Hands

I am currently putting out a lot of my energy to give spiritual people the tools they need to become prosperous. The world will not see any substantial progress unless money and power change hands. From time immemorial, money has always remained in the hands of the wrong people. No more can we allow this to happen. Already the world has suffered. Let us bring all the spiritual people together and work towards this goal.

During the last few years, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra have done important work in this area. I congratulate both of them for their extraordinary work. I gave a secret meditation for manifestation particularly to Wayne Dyer called the Ah meditation, which he presents in his book Manifest Your Destiny, and which I discuss in this book. The Ah mantra is being practiced all over the world and I have heard many people speak about their success with it.

Global Meditation Group

Let us bring all the spiritual people together and work towards the goal of putting the money and power in the hands of the spiritual people. It is my desire to start a global meditation group that will meet at specific times of the day to bring in the Golden Age. The group will use the Internet to facilitate this change of power. Visit my web site at www.srisiva.com to check on the status of this program.

Meditation For Peace

Meditation For Peace

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